Why The Texans Should Trade Deshaun Watson

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      The Houston Texans seem to be driving away most of their players due to how poorly Bill O’Brien managed the team. O’Brien took the Super Bowl contenders and in less than an offseason turned them into one of the worst teams in the league. No one had any clue what he was going to do next not even himself. It was like he was playing Madden and thought he could just power off his console and just restart after his mistakes.

      Thankfully the Texans saw this early and didn’t also give him the general manager position… Oh, wait. Well, at least he didn’t get rid of their best talent for players who haven’t proved that they were worth the massive contracts they were given like David Johnson or Brandon Cooks… Damn, nevermind. Thankfully he game-planned early that he didn’t want to sign Clowney and decided to trade him early for two first-round picks instead of waiting until the last minute and only getting a 4th round pick… O’Brien, seriously?

      I like O’Brien as a person but I sure and the hell would not give him the keys to my make-believe Bentley let alone an NFL team just games away from a Super Bowl. Watching what he did to the Texans was like watching a tornado destroy a town in slow motion. Of course, the Texan’s owners waited until after he destroyed their father’s team before they fired him.

      He crushed the team so badly that J.J. Watt wanted to get cut and Deshaun Watson is reported to be so unhappy that he wants to be traded right after signing a massive deal with the team. It is like a movie that starts great and only gets worse after each second.

      So now the Texans are left with a mess and a QB who came off of his best year that is now rumored that he wants out of the organization. No one can blame Watson because no great QB would want to be in his situation. When I first heard that Watson wanted out I thought, “Well crap on my shoe and call me Karen, the Texans are a mess.” That was until I heard how much he could be traded for.

      Watson led the league in passing yards with 4,823. He was 3rd in completion percentage behind Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees and tied Ryan Tannehill and Big Ben in 6th place with 33 passing TDs. The market could not be better for the Texans to trade Watson away. Even with all those glorious stats the Texans still went 4-12. Now, of course, O’Brien put a no-trade clause in Watson’s contract which gives Watson all the power if they do try and trade him away.

      The Texans would be looking at a potential 3 first-round picks along with an elite player and possibly even more if they trade him away. I knew Watson was good but damn I love my grandma more than anything and I would even trade her for that value. Just kidding Grandma you are safe… Unless it was 5 first-round picks then I may have to reconsider. It’s business, you understand, right?

      The Texans are not one player away anymore from a Super Bowl, they are a team away thanks to O’Brien. The evidence is also extremely clear that elite QBs will not win your team a Super Bowl by themselves or the Texans would have done better than 4-12. Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees would have won more Super Bowls than one and Patrick Mahomes would have dominated the Bucs in the recent Super Bowl. Tom Brady doesn’t count because there is only one GOAT.

      Peyton Manning won as many Super Bowls as his brother Eli and no one is considering Eli as good as Peyton. A team wins you a Super Bowl and anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. The Cowboys traded Herschel Walker away for a mound of picks when they were one of the worst teams in the league. That decision turned them into a 3- time Super Bowl winning team in the ’90s and made them “America’s team”.

      The Texans hired a new head coach, David Culley, and a new general manager (GM), Nick Caserio. If Caserio is confident in his abilities as a GM he should be trading him away for another team’s farm. Watson will not win you the Super Bowl by himself and although Watson is in full control with that no-trade clause in his contract you can still clear someone out. If Nick is not confident in his abilities as a GM keep Watson and grind like hell.


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