Sims 4 Money Cheat!

    • September 11, 2019 at 1:08 PM #16130

      We are going to show you a Sims 4 Money Cheat. You will be able to enter a world and have unlimited wealth right off the bat. You will not have to use cheat codes that can slow down your system. Literally make MILLIONS your first try.

      1. Every Sim starts out with 20k money, so buy a lot that does not have a house on it.
      2. Go to manage worlds, then go to one of your neighbor’s homes that have someone living there. Once there click on the home then click on Build.
      3. Bulldoze the lot and build the biggest most expensive house you can. Build a square house with a bunch of “Knight of the Octagon Table Suit of Armor” Statues in each tiny square of the house. Click the “Quick Eyedropper Tool” to quickly place the Knight Statue. When the room is full of the Knight statue then copy the room and place it on every level you can, basement and above ground. You can also build your dream house instead if you want to, make it to your heart’s desire.  Lastly, if you already have a Big expensive house saved in your Library you can use that for this as well. All options are open to you
      4. Save and then go back to “Manage Worlds” then Select the house you just built or just placed from your library. Select the more tab and click on “Manage Household” and select “Transfers Sims between household and transfer the Sims in the house you just built into your house and sell the furnishings as well.
      5. Transfer the Sims out of your house after that if you don’t want them there or delete them, don’t worry their money will stay with you.
      6. Repeat this process by demolishing the house and then creating a random sim to buy an empty lot.  Then click “Build on the lot the random sim you just made bought and open library click “Place lot furnished”
      7. Go back to “Manage World” click on the money house you just replaced down and select “more” then “Manage Household”, then “Transfer Sims between households” and move the random Sim into your lot and “Sell all lot furnishings”. You can keep doing this process forever and make more money then you will ever need.

      You can enjoy the video as well:

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