How to Make your Sim Live Longer in Sims 4

    • January 4, 2021 at 14:46 #21621
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      A Sims normal lifespan is basically that of a goldfish. Your Sim is popped into the world, gets to eat a little, complain a lot, get paid crap money, then your Sim dies and you are left with a crappy house with your adult children who you avoided too many times to count. It is best to have the perfect Sim lifespan settings to have the best experience in Sims 4.

      Thankfully for you, we do. To change your Sims lifespan you will need to be in the game, you cannot do it from the main menu. Only when you are in the game with the Sim that you want to live longer can you actually change the settings to make your Sim live longer.

      When you are in the game you will click on your menu button, then click on “Game Options”, then “Gameplay”, in the 5th spot down you will see “Sim lifespan”. You can switch it to “Long” and your Sim will live much longer than your other goldfish Sim. Make sure to join our Sims group and subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

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