Find The Difference -750+ Levels Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Review

  • Find The Difference -750+ Levels Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Review

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    February 19, 2020 at 12:45 AM

    T4G Review:

    We love to think quickly and put our brains to the test and this game helps accomplish that. It’s not like it takes a lot of brainpower to find the differences between two pictures but when you add being timed while you do it, it changes the game. Overall, it is a game we enjoyed and can say most people will enjoy it.

    Look Closely At The Books

    One thing this game had a tendency of doing is adding books in the photos that are almost always going to be different than the other photo. If do you see books, you should look at them closely for differences! Books are hard to tell apart because they blend in so well, so take your time when going through them and zoom in if you have to.

    Make Sure You Zoom In

    This may sound obvious but it is something you should always do. Zooming in can make it much easier on your eyes over time along with making it easier to find differences. Start from one side and scroll up and down with your eyes.

    Go Up and Down While Going Side to Side

    Use a grid strategy while doing this type of game. Most of the time you will be able to find most of the differences by just glancing at the photo. However, if you come down to the last ones left and can’t seem to find them bust just glancing around randomly at the picture you may want to do a grid search.

    The Wand Will Show You The Way

    If you are truly stuck and can’t find the difference you can click on the Wand Icon and at the bottom of your screen and it will show you where the difference is. It will just surround the difference with stars, you will stick have to click on the right spot.

    Regenerate Your Heart

    To Regenerate your heart all you need to do it back out of the current level you are on. Then click back on the level you were just on and it will save your spot but regenerate your heart. This way you can have unlimited screw-ups and not feel like a screw-up, which is always nice to have.

    You Are Timed

    It sounds scary but it seems it is just there for personal best records. So take your time and do what you are capable of doing. Realize that speed will come, take to heart what the Marines say, “smooth is fast, fast is smooth”.

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