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  • Best World of Tanks Tank(s)

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    February 17, 2020 at 12:44 PM

    Top Tanks:

    We, at Team G, want to make it easy for you when picking what tier X tank best fits your game style. Do you want to be this biggest, fastest, or have the strongest barrel on the battlefield? Whichever tank style you like, we have you covered with our “top tanks for you” list. If you have any questions let us know in the comments below!

    Heaviest of Heavy’s You Want to Have:

    If you are the type of player who wants to be the biggest on the battlefield with a large fear factor then we recommend the following three nasty heavy’s:

    • Maus: The German Tier X Maus might be 6.1 million in silver, but this is the tank you should get first. This tank is not an easy tank to get, and there’s a reason for that. It is a monster with the size and strength to back it up. Its armor is the best of any of the heavy’s but like any tank, it has its weaknesses even though that list isn’t very big. You will truly enjoy this tank. Check our tank review to see more in-depth information Maus Review.
    • Type 5 Heavy: The Japanese Tier X Type 5 Heavy costs 6.1 million in silver but it will be the easiest to get and can compare to the Mighty Maus in size. It can deliver a load of damage in more ways than one, such as its ramming capabilities and barrel power. The Maus does have a bit more armor, but the Type 5 Heavy still has enough for the user to be very satisfied. We recommend going up the tank tree at the same time as the Maus.
    • E100: The German Tier X E100 will cost 6.1 million in silver, and this tank isn’t easy to get to – this is a fun tank tree to go with, though. As you can tell Germany loved large tanks. This tank is not as big as the Maus or Type 5 Heavy but it is still very large. Overall the armor is good and is a strong tank to battle. Check out the tank review to see more in-depth information on the E100 review.

    Turret Rotating Snipers:

    All of the following snipers have rotating turrets:

    • FV215b 183 – British Tank
    • FV4005 – British Tank
    • WT auf E100 – German Tank
    • Grille 15 – German Tank
    • T110E4 – American Tank

    Sniper’s That Give out the Most Damage:

    • FV215b 183 – British Sniper. Causes 1550 per shot.
    • FV 4005 – British Sniper. Causes 1550 per shot.
    • WT auf E100 – German Sniper. 6 shots in a row at 607 per shot.
    • Foch 155 – French Sniper. 3 shots in a row at 880 per shot.

    Auto-Loader Heavies:

    • T57 heavy – American Tank. 4 shots in a row at 438 per shot. Then 25 seconds reload time.
    • AMX 50 B – French Tank. 4 shots in a row at 438 per shot. Then 30 seconds reload time.
  • TankBeast

    April 12, 2020 at 4:57 PM

    I have the British 183 and the Maus. Great Tanks.

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