Cheap Game Changing Premium Tank for Newbs/Vets in WoT

  • Cheap Game Changing Premium Tank for Newbs/Vets in WoT

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    April 18, 2020 at 8:58 PM

    Come one, Come All.

    The tank we are going to be talking about is on console, last we time checked it was not on Pc. Our company typically likes to show you how to do well in games without promoting someone spending a lot of money. Not everyone has a lot of money to just throw at games so we are always trying to think outside the box. If we do recommend a new player or vet spend their silver we want it to be worth every cent that was spent.

    The Tank we are talking about is great for new players who need a kick start but don’t want to spend a lot and Vets who need a good tier IV tank when you play with buddies in lower tiers. The Tier IV Honor T-28E Premium tank is a silver producing beast pot of nastiness. If you are new and need help getting Free XP to get your crappy tanks up faster then this is a perfect tank for you. If you are a vet who wants to always dominate regardless of the tier then this is the tank for you. This tank makes us look excited to play in tier IV battles. It also makes us decent silver during battles and pads to your stats if you really care all that much. In the right hands, this tank can do some nasty work if it is top tier and even if it is a tier below. Tier VI battles there is a good chance you will lose your honor in a one on one against a tier VI.

    What Can this Son of Satan Do?
    Its barrel does 120 penetration and 160 damage, which basically just slaps the Christmas out of other tier IV (4) tanks anytime it clast one-off. This tank gives you a 50% bonus in Silver and it gets a 50% bonus in XP as well. Which will give you the free XP needed to run through the low tier tanks without having to play them that much or at all if you fancy it so. No Tier IV (4) has armor that stands a chance against its barrel including the slow as hell yet death deadly Matilda. Some call it the son of Satan, actually, I just came up with that now so we are coining it and you are our witness. Tier V (5) tanks better watch their biscuits too because this daddy of the battlefield will surely clap the cheeks of its foes. The Armor is pretty weak so angle it when you are facing some of the better barrels. Make sure you get good at scrapping against objects so you have a better chance of them ricocheting while you are still able to inflict damage upon the enemy. It is not really that fast nor is it really slow, it is just fast enough to chase the runners. This is an easy tank to use and you do not need to be great at WoT in order to be successful in this tank.

    What Can the Tier IV Honor T-28E Premium tank Earn in Battle?
    Let’s say you shouldn’t struggle too much if you have a decent match. With Ops boosts it obviously goes up and World of Tanks has Ops running all the time. With Premium, you will make great silver without it you will make good silver. Below is an example. I have made in the 60k silver region in this tank before and is one of my favorite tanks in my collection.

    How Much?
    It cost around 5 US dollars and occasionally they run specials.

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