Tips Tricks and Cheats for World of Tanks! For PC and Console.

  • Tips Tricks and Cheats for World of Tanks! For PC and Console.

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    We rely on a strategy that consists of history, war strategy with a mixture of strategy from professional gamers. Our strategies can be applied to both veteran PC or console gamers and or beginner PC or Console gamers.

    Perfect the Tank Tree

    We will start easy. Make sure you are going down the Tree in the best order and style for it to perfectly suit you. Take the right path that leads to the right tank for how you like to play. A lot of individuals when starting out go down paths that end up being a waste of time. To get Tier 10 (X) tanks it is a long journey of grinding that will more than likely take months to get to. WOT is not a game you can breeze through easily and that is probably why it is a game you either love or hate. So take your time in the beginning and learn what kind of tanks best suit you then implement that on the Tree.

    Get your Angling Down

    Each tank has its own angling that needs to be perfected in order to get the most out of the tank. Become great at angling to where you even know how to angle your turret along with the body of your tank to decrease damage when being shot at. Learn what your tank’s advantages and weaknesses are in armor, then perfect them in combat. Your tank’s angling will change according to the enemy’s proximity to your location. It is all about making it hard for them to get a direct hit to a vulnerable section of your armor. The right angling in the right situation will turn you from prey to predator.

    Read the Map

    This is probably the biggest tip you need to learn and get good at if you want to be the best of the best WOT! It is astonishing at how many individuals do not look at their map often enough and miss out on tons of damage dealing, tons of XP and loads of mastery badges. Which in turn, makes you a lot of XP and a bunch of Silver. Looking at your map tells you where the enemy is and where they are headed if they are detected. In essence, you have a helicopter view of the enemies who are spotted. The map you should be using all the time so you know when you are being flanked or know when the enemy is behind. Get quick at reading the map often so you can react and outsmart the enemy. Turning you from pray to preditor.

    Fake Ramming

    Fake ramming is exactly what it sounds like, it’s when you act like you’re going to ram a tank then reverse before impact to get closer to a tank and not receive damage. This will minimize the impact and damage on your tank if not eliminate completely if you do it correctly. The key goal is to entice the enemy to try and ram you and take advantage of an enemy’s gun depression or weak barrel without taking damage. Bigger tanks will love to ram a smaller tank and when you act like you are going to initiate ramming into them. It is like what they say about not running from a predatorial animal because you initiate its attack response when you do that. Gamers in big tanks tend to act the same and will gladly put themselves at risk or an unknowing trap because you enticed them.

    Timing is key to perfect this and once you learn it it will become easier to do in the future, you just need to make sure to remember to use it and at the right time. This is not something you want to do when the enemy tank has strong support. When it’s either just you two and it is a smart option due to gun depression or when it is your last resort. If the enemy tank is a lot faster than you, you don’t have much to say in the matter.

    If the enemy is a lot smaller than you, you may want to actually ram them because damage dealt is on your side. However, if you are facing multiple enemies while alone it is advised to avoid ramming to keep as many Hit Points as you can to have the chance to fight them all off and survive. Fake ramming works great against anything heavier than you or that has horrible gun depression which we will get into next.

    Fighting Gun Depression

    To use gun depression in a positive way most players only think of their own tank but it is wise to know the enemy’s as well. Think of gun depression as a boxing match. Imagine a 6’4″ boxer going against a 5′ 10″ boxer. Both being equally skilled, the 6’4″ boxer would be crazy to get too close instead of using their range. And on the other hand, the 5’10” boxer would be crazy to try and trade blows from a distance.

    Hull Lock your Turret Facing the Enemies Location

    Let’s say you are trying to get the high ground or are trying to get to a certain location where your side armor is exposed to the enemy. It is important that you place and lock your turret in the direction of the enemy. It will give you a chance to retaliate quickly if you are tracked or are taking shots. It might even give you some extra time because the enemy may back off due to not wanting to be shot. Don’t rely on a slow-moving turret to save your bacon when you could just have it in their direction from the start.

    In real life, the driver does not control the turret because it is more efficient to have multiple crewmen doing different jobs. This should be something that you are reenacting in the game to give yourself the best chance to succeed and survive. The goal is not to only survive but to thrive.

    Stay on Upgrading your Crews

    Whether you are a newbie or you are a seasoned vet, upgrading your Crews Skills is something you can forget to always look for or not know to do. When you have a lot of tanks in your garage it can be hard to remember to look at upgrading your crew. Train yourself to always be looking for upgrades so you don’t waste any time.

    Don’t Let your Daily Double (2x) Go to Waste

    This may sound obvious and that is because it is. Utilize any double XP you get even if WOT screws you by placing you in a match where you are the bottom tier.

    Adapt and Conquer the Situation

    Always be reading the situation and plan for the next best option. Do not get tunnel vision onto one enemy and forget about other avenues of attack. At the beginning of each match when enemies start getting detected it would be wise to bring up the full map and count how many you see and where are they headed. This will give you a great indication of where the enemy team is advancing to which gives you time to plan for a strategic attack on them. At times you will even see the whole or most of the enemy team going to only one side of the map which gives you and other teammates avenues to jet through the other side and attack from the rear. Shocking the enemy team is one huge deterrent in their ability to become victorious.

    Just because you are a weak tank in the current match you are in does not mean that you can’t have a good match. There are times that you may see a big tank by a rock or in a street that has your team bogged down and tunnel focused on fighting him from the front. While not realizing that he has no back up to protect his flank or backside allowing a small tank like you to get behind or to the side of the tank and hit it where it is weakest. Allowing you to rack up points due to strategy and not pure power of your barrel.

    Get Greedy with Damage and Kills

    Never give up on getting more damage or another kill, always be hungry for more. Get in front of other tanks if you have to block their view in order for you to get more damage then them. This may be a “team” game, however, that is not true when it comes to your bank account or XP amount. In a true team sport, you share in the spoils of victory. In WOT just because your team won and had a good match does not mean you will get more XP and more Silver. In certain tiers, you can lose money even though your team does well. It is up to you to keep the beast fed and keep wracking in the doe and XP. More than likely the player who was on your team will soon be against your team.

    Utilize the Right Ammo

    There are 3 different types of Ammo in WOT, Armor Piercing (AP), Premium rounds, and High Explosive rounds. Armor Piercing is the standard round that you will be using most of the time. It is the cheapest bang for your buck. Premium rounds are the best rounds and most expensive rounds in the game which many call “Premium Rounds or Premies”. This is interesting because it is a misconception that you need to pay for these rounds using gold, all you have to do is change the currency by clicking the “change currency” button shown on your screen. They are extremely expensive though and will run you a pretty penny so we suggest only using them on tier IX and X tanks. The other ammo is the High Explosive rounds that are probably better for artillery tanks. This ammo has high damage but very low penetration which makes it very difficult to use against any tank with decent armor. Artillery tanks may want to use these at times because the top of a lot of tanks are fairly weak. Such as the engine compartment which can give you a good chance to start a fire, or on the top of a turret where the ammo is stored causing them to blow up on-site “Ammo racked”.

    Stack Technique

    Know What Enemy you are Facing

    Before you just jump into a fight with some enemies make sure you look at what kind of tanks they are before you pick a fight with someone who will kick the crap out of you. Know what kind of sniper, heavy, or whichever tank you are dealing with and have somewhat of an idea at what kind of damage they can dish out. The last thing you want to do is waltz around the corner and not know that you will be in the crosshairs of an FV4005 who will slap 1500 damage onto you with ease. Just be smart and pick fights that you have a chance at winning. This isn’t a 5-year jail sentence where you have to beat down the pod boss for more ham and cheese sandwiches.

    Have a Money (Silver Producing Tank) that Pays For Other Tanks

    It is imperative that you have a few Silver (money) producing tanks. They only have one job and that is to make you money to support your tank habit. Higher tiers will just crush you financially and it is very expensive to run them constantly so you should be having a tank pay for these rounds. Tiers IV and V are great tiers to run and have good money tanks at for several reasons. They are cheap for the most part and can still earn a lot of damage.

    Keep Close to Objects that Block Artillery (Arty) Shots

    Use Premium Wisely

    If you were just awarded or bout some premium make sure you use it on tanks that matter. Don’t run a lot of premium tanks when that extra XP will go to waste on a tank you cannot upgrade. Use it for high tiers over small tiers any day or on tanks that or just a burden to use because they are slow or suck.

    Give Room For Teammates When Driving

    Don’t be oblivious when driving and take up the entire road or street with your tank when you could move over slightly and let scouts or other tanks through. It will make the team more efficient and you more efficient at seeing targets detected allowing you to start shooting at the enemy. Just be mindful.

    Perfect your Driving

    Perfecting your driving will just make things a lot easier on you and make you much more deadly when you are barrel to barrel with another tank and you have to outmaneuver it in order to live form the fight. Moving around corners in tight situations needs to be done without stopping and adjusting your tank because you lack driving skills. It is wise to be as efficient as possible in every category that you can. The true Pros do not let any part of their game get weak and neither should you.

    Move On Quick After Death

    If you die in a match you there is no point in watching how the rest of the match plays out, go to the garage instead and roll another tank. This will get you more tanks and more silver over time and can even double your progression in the game.

    Increase your Armor Using Cover

    Humans are not the only thing that needs cover in warfare, tanks do too and you should know how to capitalize this with covering where your armor is weakest. Regardless of the tank that you are in for the match you should understand your armor weaknesses and strengths. Most tanks have their biggest issues at the lower hull section but some know all too well how to angle properly from a distance which can make penetrating them difficult.

    Some have strong turrets with small captains caps that have the ability to keep their heads above ground and not worry about too much damage. While others have big weak captains caps that will die quickly if they leave their turret accessible to fire. Understand what cover you need for the current tank you are in, Is your lover hull weak but your turret is heavily armored? If so, then that leaves you with mainly focusing on your lower hull and maybe only a slight turret angle after firing to prevent receiving damage. If your captain’s cap is weak and your lower hull is weak you may need to move and shoot and pick places where you can escape to safety.

    Swivel your Head Help with a Weak Captains Cap

    If your Captains Cap (CC) is weak you are going to want to do the best you can to protect it. A good way to protect a weak CC you will want to think about “Fire and Swivel”. Which is where you fire then move your turret from left to right which will make it much harder to hit your CC with perfect accuracy. Do not turn it too much where you expose a week side turret and get ammo racked if your ammo is stored there.

    Don’t Break Trees or Buildings

    The last thing you want to do is give away your location because you break multiple buildings and trees down. Good artillery’s will see this and alert the rest of their team or other tanks will be able to see them fall as well. Some will even watch for tracer rounds and be able to hit you almost as good as if they could actually see you. Always be smart and be one step ahead of the enemy!

    Peek Around the Corner

    Oh, how great it is to have the ability to be in 3rd person and be able to look around the corner without actually being around the corner. Simply move your cursor or analog stick to where you are looking at the side of your tank while also making sure you are in the furthest view possible from your tank.

    Complete Ops and Properly

    Make sure you are always looking at the OPS tab to see what ops are running currently and complete those with ease by using the right tanks. They will show you all the different kinds of Ops that you can take advantage of. Like earning Premium tanks or receiving discounts on certain tank trees or earning other huge awards for gaining XP or something along those lines. If you have to earn a lot of XP in order to complete an opp make sure you are using the right tank and tier for the job.

    For this kind of opp, you will be best suited to use a tank that is a low tier that can produce a lot of damage or is one of your top earners in XP. No need to use a high tier tank that gets around the same XP as a smaller tier X tank. Tier X battles tend to last much longer than lower tier battles due to armor strength and tanks are more expensive so gamers tend to play more cautious. It is about doing well then turning and burning. If you have any low tier premium tanks that give you a 50% boost in XP and you are allowed to use the tank you should use it often. All of these things combined will decrease the duration of completing these ops.

    Take the Base when Undergunned, Slow or are Too Far Away

    If there are only a few guys left and you know your team is going to win, the enemy is far away, you a low tier that sucks, you are slow, outgunned then you should just cap the base. Don’t listen to all the people spamming “Attack”. They only say that because they want to earn more XP than you, that is what it comes down to. Claim what is going to benefit you and who cares about the whiners.

    Don’t Over Supply your Tanks (Keep it Cheap)

    This is a big tip for lower tanks especially due to you need to be always making decent silver (money) when you are playing with a low tier. If you aren’t making decent to good money in low tiers than you are going to really struggle to afford new tanks along with playing with your high tier tanks because you will go broke.

    Don’t Put Crappy Tires on a Lambo
    Make sure you give your tier X tank the best opportunity to succeed by giving yourself a fair amount of premium rounds, concealment, and equipment if financially possible. Keep in mind that the only way you can get the silver you spent back on Equipment is to use gold so spend your money wisely.


    Buying Concealment actually helps in this game so utilize it only when you have extra silver laying around and only buy it for tanks that you will keep forever. We would recommend only using it for tier X tanks or premium tanks.

    Don’t Risk your Life Over a Stupid Team

    If the entire team goes one way then it Is best not to fight the stupidity and lose out on a great game. Remember how we said it is not really a team game? This falls into that concept. It would be insane to try and take on an entire side by yourself or with a few other teammates. The best bet is to go where your team is going and get as much damage, silver, and XP that you can and hope that the other team is dumber than yours.

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