What Do you Get For Completing the Valor Op In (WOT) World of Tanks

  • What Do you Get For Completing the Valor Op In (WOT) World of Tanks

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    May 19, 2020 at 12:33 PM

      This is the best Op that WOTs ever had and it is one that you need to finish as quickly as you can. The rewards are truly impeccable.

        Valor: (60 days left to complete)

        How to Complete Valor?

        Valor is not that difficult to complete. You have to earn points by basically just playing and of course, it helps if you play well. It may take longer for less skilled players, however, if you start now it is something that you should be able to finish.

        Reward From Completing Op

        The rewards just feel like they keep coming. If you have Premium than you get additional rewards every 5 Valors that you complete. At Valor 50 Premium you earn 120 gold, 1 garage slot, VI Object 244 heavy Russian tank. At Valor 75 premium you earn 120 gold, 1 garage slot, VIII SU-130PM Russian sniper. At Valor 100 you ear 120 gold, a Tier X (10) American medium T95E6, a Tier IX (9) German medium Kampfpanzer 50 t. Every single tank that you earn from Valor is an absolute beast. Make sure to at least by a day of premium when you are at those levels in Valor so you do not miss out on the Premium awards. Use the gold they give you to use it for more premium and if done properly you will not have to spend more than 5 dollars cash in real money. Spending 5 bucks to get all that you see above is an absolute steal, if you know Wargaming then you know that they do not sell tanks cheap.

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