World of Tanks AMX 40 Tank Review – Tier IV

  • World of Tanks AMX 40 Tank Review – Tier IV

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    AMX 40 Tank Review: Is This Tank for You?

    The AMX 40 leads to a really cool tank, the Tier X Bat.-Châtillion 25 t Medium Tank. This is the reason it is for you and makes it completely worth playing with. Even though this tank is not a keeper, it is a lot of fun to play with.

    Purpose of the AMX 40:

    This tank should actually be a medium tank and not a light tank in World of Tanks. The armor is not easy to penetrate for other tier IV tanks and can damage most of its peers. Going further into the matter, it can penetrate its peers with ease when it is up close. The AMX 40 is a frontline style tank in World of Tanks.

    Stat Breakdown When Fully Upgraded:

    • Upgrade to get: AMX 40 (75)
    • Hit Points: 300


    • Horsepower: 190
    • Power Ratio: 8.73 hpt
    • Fire Chance: 20%
    • Top Forward: 50km/h (31.07mph)
    • Top Reverse: 20km/h (12.43mph)


    • Penetration: 74/91.40/38
    • Damage: 110/110/175
    • Rounds per Minute: 9.68
    • Reload Time: 6.20 seconds
    • Aim Time: 2.50 seconds
    • Accuracy at 100m: 0.46
    • Maximum Range 720m
    • Maximum Elevation: 17 degrees
    • Maximum Depression: 7 degrees


    • Rotation Speed: 30 degrees/second
    • Traverse Speed: 28 degrees/second
    • Terrain Resistance: 1.4, 1.5, 2.5


    • Turret Armor: 70/60/60
    • Traverse Speed: 32 degrees/second
    • View Range: 320m


    • Signal Range: 360m

    AMX Pros:

    • Good armor/angled armor
    • Strong armor for a scout
    • Strongside scraping tank
    • Can play as a medium

    AMX Cons:

    • Goes not go 50km/h (31.07mph) – not even close. You can reach in the 20km/h range
    • Lacks mobility for a scout
    • Not an easy tank to upgrade
    • Barrel lacks accuracy

    Pros/Cons Summary:

    This is truly a medium tank and has no true scouting capabilities. It is one of the worst and most boring tanks out of the Bat. Chât tank tree line. However, the AMX 40 will bounce a lot of enemy shots when it’s the top-tier. The armor is well-rounded armor in World of Tanks and is what makes this tank bearable. The fact that the armor is slanted well and decently thick will make other tier IV’s frustrated.

    AMX Tank Report:

    • Artillery Attention: Medium priority
    • Request Fire Attention: High chance
    • Armor Strength: Above satisfactory
    • Barrel Strength: Meets satisfactory
    • Speed/Elusiveness: Below satisfactory
    • Size and Power: Below satisfactory
    • Upgrade Speed: Below satisfactory
    • Overall Threat: Medium satisfactory

    AMX Strategy Breakdown:

    The AMX 40 in World of Tanks should be treated as a medium tank instead of a scout. The armor and barrel have medium style attributes and not really fit for an efficient tier IV scout. With that being said, you need to play as a medium or as a heavy when it’s top tier. Although the speed specs say it can reach 50km/h (31.07mph), don’t expect to get there.

    With the armor being as good as it is you need to take advantage of this when playing. Also, this tank can – and should – fight at the frontline. Never play stuck in the mud, however, always shoot and move to avoid artillery. This is because there is a high chance it’ll be targeted by artillery due to the frustrating armor. This armor will make a good portion of enemy tanks request fire upon it.

    Moreover, when you are playing in a higher tier match you want to continue to play as a medium tank. With that being said, you want to play just behind the frontline. And allow your armor to do its job in which is to pick up as many chip shots as possible. The AMX 40 is hard for artillery to damage because it’s a small target.

    Map Strategy:

    On either a city map or an open field map, always keep in mind that almost anything can become cover. This cover can be a small hill to a small boulder. Then use those and others as a way to protect yourself from larger barrels. However, never play far back on any map because the barrel will not be accurate enough to compensate for distance. Instead, play up and close with a group of teammates and never travel alone.


    The AMX 40 in World of Tanks is a tank you just want to keep grinding as much as possible. This is to get it done and over with, of course. It is just barely better than an average tank when played as a medium instead of a scout. Also, take scout completely out of your brain. That pertains to whenever thinking of this tank.

    Going further, you need to let the armor aid in getting you more XP and silver. Do not be afraid to fight in the frontline. With all that being said, this is not a tier IV keeper tank.

    Shells for the AMX 40:

    • Keep the standard.

    AMX 40 Supplies:

    The following are supplies we recommend for the AMX 40. Once you use one or more supplies per match you will get charged for what they cost, otherwise, you will not be charged. Also, make sure your auto resupply is checked on the bottom left of the consumables box otherwise you will have to manually resupply them yourself after every match. Keep in mind you can change these at any time in the garage if you want to play around with what works for you. You can add two of the same supplies per slot.

    • Small Repair Kit costs 3,000 silver: This will help with any broken modules.
    • Small First Aid costs 3,000 silver: This will heal anyone of your crewmen.
    • Manual Fire Extinguisher costs 3,000 silver: This is to put out a fire caused by enemy penetration.

    All of the above will help cover your bases to try and keep you in matches longer. By doing this you will also get the most XP and silver as possible allowing you to upgrade faster.

    AMX Crew (Skills and Perks):

    This is a waste of time. With that being said, you shouldn’t have the tank for that long. However, if you do decide on going with something we recommend Sixth Sense.

    AMX 40 Equipment:

    Do not waste your money on a temporary tank.

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