World of Tanks AMX ELC bis Tank Review – Tier V

  • World of Tanks AMX ELC bis Tank Review – Tier V

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    AMX ELC bis Tank Review: Is This Tank for You?

    The AMX ELC bis in World of Tanks is a very fast light tank. It also has the ability to snipe out targets with its strong barrel. However, this would be for someone who can use a hull lock efficiently. Also, it would be beneficial for someone to be able to handle it at a fast speed. You need to use this tank in order to get the Bat. Châtillion 25 t, so that is the main reason it is for you; otherwise we would not recommend it. The hull lock limits how powerful this tank could be.

    Purpose of the AMX ELC bis:

    The purpose of the AMX ELC bis in World of Tanks is to scout for the team. Another job of it is to lay down the law with its strong barrel. This tank can also artillery hunt, detect the enemy team for its teammates, and even snipe a little. All in all, the AMX ELC bis is somewhat of a multi-purpose tank.

    Stat Breakdown When Fully Upgraded:

    • Upgrade to get: ELC 90
    • Hit Points: 400


    • Horsepower: 250
    • Power Ratio: 37.54 hpt
    • Fire Chance: 20%
    • Top Froward: 65km/h (40.39mph)
    • Top Reverse: 23km/h (14.29mph)


    • Penetration: 170/248/45
    • Damage: 240/240/320
    • Rounds per Minute: 5
    • Reload Time: 12 seconds
    • Aim Time: 2.90 seconds
    • Accuracy at 100m: 0.38
    • Maximum Range: 720m
    • Maximum Elevation: 13 degrees
    • Maximum Depression: 5 degrees


    • Rotation Speed: 38 degrees/second
    • Traverse Speed: 38 degrees/second
    • Terrain Resistance: 1.2, 1.4, 2.4


    • Turret Armor: 20/15/10
    • Traverse Speed: 44 degrees/second
    • View Range: 360m


    • Signal Range: 360m

    AMX ELC bis Pros:

    • Very fast
    • Great map mobility
    • Powerful barrel
    • Hard target to hit because it’s low to the ground
    • Decent upgrade speed

    AMX ELC bis Cons:

    • Hull lock

    Pros/Cons Summary:

    The AMX ELC bis could be much more of a threat in World of Tanks, that is, if it didn’t have a hull lock. The hull lock can limit how much damage you can do. It doesn’t make much sense to have a hull lock on a scout. Furthermore, you will have to compensate for this factor. Speed will also compensate for this as it is screaming fast.

    AMX ELC bis Tank Report:

    • Artillery Attention: Low priority
    • Request Fire Attention: Medium chance
    • Armor Strength: Below satisfactory
    • Barrel Strength: Above satisfactory
    • Speed/Elusiveness: Above satisfactory
    • Size and Power: Below satisfactory
    • Upgrade Speed: Below satisfactory
    • Overall Threat: Below satisfactory
    • AMX ELC bis Strategy Breakdown:

    The AMX ELC bis need to be used wisely in World of Tanks. We classify this tank as a sniper scout only because of how much damage the barrel can do. However, do not use it as a sniper unless it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Also, use its speed and elusiveness to detect the enemy team safely for most of your XP. This tank can artillery hunt as well, but the hull lock makes it hard to shoot while traveling 65km/h. This also goes for circling a larger tank. Furthermore, you will need to get on the other side of where the barrel is, turn your body and fire. Don’t use this technique to a tank with a good turret rotation speed, though. Death will come quickly if you try using this technique to a tank that has a fast-moving turret.

    Moreover, the AMX ELC bis has paper-thin armor and could be penetrated by a rogue bird. The main thing to keep in mind is speed, speed, and more speed. Either outrun your enemies or turn and fight if you’re sure of a victory. Most of all, only use your repair kit(s) for a broken track so you can get back up to speed quickly. Overall, the armor is so weak you do not want to be stationary.

    Map Strategy:

    The main map strategy you should keep in mind is not to go down narrow paths or streets. Open areas are your friends so you can use your speed which is hard to do in narrow paths. Make sure to keep an eye out for them so you can avoid death valley as much as possible. Additionally, when on an open path and enemies are firing at you do not go in a straight line. Zig-zag and then zig-zag some more. If you are in a city map try and avoid getting rammed at all costs. Instead, go around or pull out some juke moves.


    The AMX ELC bis is a fun tank only because of the speed. This is a worthless scout only because it has a hull lock and cannot circle a tank and shoot at the same time. We do not recommend this tank as a keeper.

    Shells for the AMX ELC bis:

    • Standard rounds given.

    AMX ELC bis Supplies:

    The following are supplies we recommend for the AMX ELC bis. Once you use one or more supplies per match you will get charged for what they cost, otherwise, you will not be charged. Also, make sure your auto resupply is checked on the bottom left of the consumables box otherwise you will have to manually resupply them yourself after every match. Keep in mind you can change these at any time in the garage if you want to play around with what works for you. You can add two of the same supplies per slot.

    • We recommend two small repair kits at 3,000 silver. This is because if the tracks get targeted these will save will your life.
    • Also, get one medical kit at 3,000 silver as well. This is for the gunner and driver, preferably.

    AMX ELC bis Crew (Skills and Perks):

    You should not have this tank for that long. However, if you decide to pick one we would recommend repairs.

    AMX ELC bis Equipment:

    This would be a complete waste of money.

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