World of Tanks AT-7 Tank Review – Tier VII

  • World of Tanks AT-7 Tank Review – Tier VII

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    AT-7 Tank Review: Is this Tank for You?

    This is a tank in World of Tanks that leads to a beast tier X sniper, the FV215b 183. That is the biggest reason the AT-7 should be for you. We don’t suggest it as a keeper only because the Captain’s Cap is easy to penetrate. Yes, it kind of defeats the purpose of strong armor. This tank will bounce a lot of shots because there are still a lot of gamers that don’t know where to shoot it. Furthermore, this tank is for the player that loves armor and a strong enough barrel to do good damage.

    Purpose of the AT-7:

    The purpose of the AT-7 in World of Tanks is to be at the front line. It also uses its great armor to bounce shots unless the hit the Captain’s Cap just right. Also, its decent barrel is for a continuous fire to keep damaging the enemy with relentless shots. This is not the type of sniper that shadow snipes in the back of the map. Its barrel is not the type to lay down massive damage in one hit.

    Stat Breakdown When Fully Upgraded:

    • Upgrade to get: AT-7 Mk IV
    • Hit Points: 1250


    • Horsepower: 500
    • Power Ratio: 11.32 hpt
    • Fire Chance: 20%
    • Top Forward: 20km/h (12.43mph)
    • Top Reverse: 10km/h (6.21mph)


    • Penetration: 171/239/38
    • Damage: 150/150/190
    • Rounds per Minute: 15.79
    • Reload Time: 3.80 seconds
    • Aim Time: 1.70 seconds
    • Accuracy at 100m: 0.32
    • Maximum Range: 720m
    • Maximum Elevation: 7.50 degrees
    • Maximum Depression: 5 degrees


    • Rotation Speed: 20 degrees/second
    • Traverse Speed: 20 degrees/second
    • Terrain Resistance: 1.4, 1.6, 2.8


    • There is no mounted turret.
    • Traverse Speed: 26 degrees/second
    • View Range: 350m


    • Signal Range: 550m

    AT-7 Pros:

    • Great lower frontal armor
    • Barrel reloads extremely fast at 3.80 seconds
    • Not too large so it can find cover easily

    AT-7 Cons:

    • Weak Captain’s Cap and gun mantlet
    • Slow and not elusive
    • Gun depression and gun elevation are terrible
    • Upgrade speed is slow
    • Hard to evade artillery shots

    Pros/Cons Summary:

    Unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros, but this can still be a fun tank to play in World of Tanks. It also has a lot of flaws that make this a tank that can be easily killed when playing with the skilled big boys. Furthermore, it has places on the front that are nothing but armor and other places on the front where they forgot to put armor. Additionally, the Captain’s Cap by far makes this an easy tank to penetrate, and it doesn’t help that it is huge. The AT-7 can damage a lot of tanks, but its barrel lacks good penetration against heavily armored heavies.

    AT-7 Tank Report:

    • Artillery Attention: High priority (they know it’s slow which makes it an easy target)
    • Request Fire Attention: High chance
    • Armor Strength: Below satisfactory due to the Captain’s Cap
    • Barrel Strength: Meets satisfactory
    • Speed/Elusiveness: Below satisfactory
    • Size and Power: Meets satisfactory
    • Upgrade Speed: Below satisfactory
    • Overall Threat: Meets satisfactory

    AT-7 Strategy Breakdown:

    The AT-7 in World of Tanks needs to be used a certain way. A lot of gamers believe the armor is amazing. However, the sad fact of reality is that it has many flaws when it comes to its armor. When you’re in the AT-7 the first rule is to never travel alone. If you travel alone then death will surely follow.

    Always keep in mind the maximum gun depression (5 degrees) and maximum gun elevation (7.50 degrees) are terrible. With that being said, always try and shoot on level ground. Furthermore, the AT-7 has a decent barrel and can pump out 15.79 rounds/minute which is great. In other words, don’t be afraid to fire a round you’re unsure about. Moreover, it reloads in 3.80 seconds so you will get another chance to damage an enemy tank quickly. Also, keep enemy tanks more towards the right which is where your barrel is located.

    The AT-7 has a weak Captain’s Cap which will easily get penetrated by gamer’s who know what they’re doing. So the best way to help this weak spot would be to keep moving forward. Doing that will also help make the enemy artillery’s job harder to hit you. However, the biggest goal is to make them miss your Captain’s Cap completely by moving forward and backward.

    Moreover, if the enemy gets behind you and there are still enemies in front of you then just keep straight. Do not try and turn around to kill them. Chances are you won’t be able to turn around in time. Instead, just get as much damage as you can before you die. We are not saying to give up, however, we’re just telling you to get more out of the situation. Of course, if the enemy is the only one around you and they’re trying to get around you then try and kill them. Also, always have a repair kit on this tank. If you want to you can have the maximum amount (two) of the repair kits along with a medkit. In a close fought match keep both for when – or if – you get tracked.

    We don’t always recommend ramming with this tank, but you need to try if a tank is making a move to get behind or to the side of you. Another way to stop them from getting to your side or rear is to track them. Track them, back up, then shoot for a damaging shot. Then you want to shoot their tracks once more. Keep this strategy going until you kill them. Also, this is where the AT-7’s reload time is a blessing. As a result, they cannot repair the tracks in time before you shoot them again especially if they do not have a repair kit readily available.

    Map Strategy:

    Remember, the AT-7 is not a shadow sniper. This tank is a front line sniper, so keep that in mind when deciding where you go on the map. In city maps, you want to make wide turns in a way that limits side exposure. Also, do not sit over top rubble or a hill when in an open field map. This is because the gun depression is very bad.

    Additionally, on any kind of map, you want to stick with the team. Don’t get too close so that it makes it easier for the enemy to hit your Captain’s Cap. Instead, staying around 100m is a good goal.


    The AT-7 is not an amazing tank in World of Tanks. And we do not recommend this as a keeper tank. This tank can be fun to play with when used properly, but the tank has its flaws. The biggest thing is that the AT-7 is one tank closer to the FV215b 183 Tier X Sniper.

    Shells for the AT-7:

    Don’t buy premium shells. Instead, just keep the amount given with each upgrade. Using the standard rounds are the only shells we recommend using, don’t use High-Explosive or premium rounds.

    AT-7 Supplies:

    The following supplies are what we recommend for the AT-7. Also, once you use one or more supplies per match you will get charged for what they cost, otherwise, you will not be charged. Make sure your auto resupply is checked on the bottom left of the consumables box otherwise you will have to manually resupply them yourself after every match. You can change these at any time in the garage if you want to play around with what works for you. You can add two of the same supplies per slot.

    • Two small repair kits which cost 3,000 silver. This is mainly for the tracks. It gives you more of an ability to protect yourself when enemies try and get behind you.
    • One small first aid which costs 3,000 silver. This is for an important crewman that gets hurt, such as your loader, gunner, or driver.

    AT-7 Crew (Skills and Perks):

    • Track Mechanic
    • Sixth Sense
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Repairs
    • Deadeye

    Recommended AT-7 Equipment:

    Do not waste your money unless you’re amazingly rich. However, if you’re rich we recommend:

    • Toolbox
    • Fill the tank with Co2
    • Binocular Telescope

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