World of Tanks KV-1S Tank Review – Tier V

  • World of Tanks KV-1S Tank Review – Tier V

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    KV-1S Tank Review: Is This Tank for You?

    The KV-1S is a fun tank that can be used in many different ways. It is a heavy with a good barrel, decent armor, and good speed. If you enjoy heavy tanks with a little more speed then this is for you. We also recommend this tank as a keeper and money tank. You will make good silver with this tank.

    Purpose of the Kv-1S:

    The purpose of the KV-1S is to be at the frontline when it is top tier. It can use its fast speed (43kmh) to evade enemy shots while also laying down good damage of 160. The KV-1S can also scout a little due to how fast it is, but that’s only recommended when in a tier VII match. This is a great tank and is definitely a tank to use. It leads to the IS-7 which is a great tier X heavy.

    Stat Breakdown When Fully Upgraded:

    • Upgrade to get: KV-1S-85M
    • Hit Points: 660


    • Horsepower: 600
    • Power Ratio: 13.65 hpt
    • Fire Chance: 15%
    • Top Forward: 43kmh (26.72mph)
    • Top Reverse: 11kmh (6.84mph)


    • Penetration: 119/159/43
    • Damage: 160/160/280
    • Rounds per Minute: 12
    • Reload Time: 5 seconds
    • Aim Time: 2.50 seconds
    • Accuracy at 100m: 0.42
    • Maximum Range: 720m
    • Maximum Elevation: 15 degrees
    • Maximum Depression: 3.50 degrees


    • Rotation Speed: 30 degrees/second
    • Traverse Speed: 30 degrees/second
    • Terrain Resistance: 1.2, 1.3, 2.3


    • Turret Armor: 82/82/82
    • Traverse Speed: 28 degrees/second
    • View Range: 340m


    • Signal Range: 440m

    KV-1S Pros:

    • Strong tier V barrel
    • Good top forward speed (43kmh)
    • Good maximum elevation (15 degrees)
    • Crew booster tank
    • Earns decent amounts of silver on good matches
    • Armor has some angling

    KV-1S Cons:

    • Horrible maximum gun depression (3.50 degrees)
    • Armor only decent
    • Weak front lower plate
    • Large weak Captain’s cap
    • Gets up to speed slowly

    Pros/Cons Summary:

    The pros outweigh the cons when talking about the KV-1S. It is a hybrid heavy that has more speed than most heavy tanks. What it lacks in armor, the KV-1S makes up for in speed. This allows more spots to be open on the map that most heavy’s would be too slow to get to. The barrel can dish out a large amount of damage due to the 12 rounds a minute. Overall, the KV-1S can be used as a money tank or a crew booster tank.

    KV-1S Tank Report:

    • Artillery Attention: Medium Priority
    • Request Fire Attention: High chance
    • Armor Strength: Below satisfactory
    • Barrel Strength: Above satisfactory
    • Speed/Elusiveness: Above satisfactory
    • Size and power: Meets satisfactory
    • Upgrade Speed: Meets satisfactory
    • Overall Threat: Above satisfactory

    KV-1S Strategy Breakdown:

    When playing with the KV-1S you want to utilize its speed and barrel. Those two things will put you at the top of the leader board, not the armor nor its size. You almost want to think of this tank as a glorified medium tank. This is because the speed of the tank allows you to scout a little while in a higher tier match. However, it takes a while to get up to speed so only scout on occasions. You also don’t want to try and do it the whole match. When you scout, pick a place that has cover. Then get to that position and go from there.

    Moreover, when you are the top tier you want to use your mobility to frustrate the enemy. Always try and find cover, shoot the enemy, then get back into cover. Then, repeat.

    The KV-1S has a strong barrel that can penetrate any tier V tank’s armor. If you are detected, get a shot off then get back to cover so you don’t risk death due to the weak armor. With the barrel producing 160 damage per shot, it takes 5 shots to kill the O-I Experimental and Churchill 1. Then it takes 4 on the KV-1S as well as the T1 Heavy, BDR G1 B, and the VK 30.01 (H). This is only if you connect and penetrate with each shot.

    However, do not play as if you have good armor. Also, keep loose, be around cover, and use the strong barrel to kill enemies.

    Map Strategy:

    Going to a section with cover is needed when in an open field map. You also want to keep at somewhat of a distance. This will keep you safer and rely more on your barrel than your armor. You also want to pick sections on an open field map that are good flanking positions. Use the KV-1S as a flanker but stray away from traveling alone. Also, try to stay away from going to the middle.

    Additionally, city maps are always a heavy’s best friend. Using the buildings as cover while you flank is what your goal is. You then want to pop out of cover and as quick as you can actually shoot the enemy. Do this and – if the option arises – use your speed to get around the buildings. Then fire at the enemy from another side. Make the enemy guess where you will come from.


    Overall the KV-1S is a tank suited for the player who likes heavy tanks but wants more speed over armor. However, although it’s fast, it does take way too long to reach top speed. Also, don’t use this for a money tank or crew boosting tank if you like heavily armored tanks. The O-I Experimental or KV-1 would suit you better.

    It’s still overall a good tank when used right and can be a lot of fun when in a good match.

    Shells for the KV-1S:

    Only 44 standard shells.

    KV1S Supplies:

    The following are supplies we recommend for the KV-1S. Once you use one or more supplies per match you will get charged for what they cost otherwise, you will not be charged. Also, make sure your auto resupply is checked on the bottom left of the consumables box otherwise you will have to manually resupply them yourself after every match. Keep in mind you can change these at any time in the garage if you want to play around with what works for you. You can add two of the same supplies per slot. Also, try and keep balanced.

    • Small Repair Kit – 3,000 silver
    • Small First Aid Kit – 3,000 silver
    • Manual Fire Extinguisher – 3,000 silver

    KV-1S Crew (Skills and Perks):

    • Sixth Sense
    • Deadeye
    • Smooth Ride

    KV-1S Equipment:

    • Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer – 180,000 silver
    • Enhanced Gun Layout Drive – 450,000 silver
    • Coated Optics – 450,000 silver

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