World of Tanks Tier Nashorn Tank Review – VI

  • World of Tanks Tier Nashorn Tank Review – VI

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    Nashorn Tank Review: Is This Tank for You?

    The Nashorn in World of Tanks is a strong shadow sniper. A tank that excels when not detected and can use its strong barrel to pick off the enemy team. If you enjoy fighting at a distance then this tank is for you.

    Purpose of the Nashorn:

    The purpose of the Nashorn in World of Tanks is to fight in the shadows. If the Nashorn is seen, it usually dies shortly after if it’s not in good cover. When fully upgraded, the Nashorn is a scary tier VI sniper that can penetrate any tier VI and most tier VII tanks with ease.

    Stat Breakdown When Fully Upgraded:

    • Upgrade to get: PZ. Jag Hornisse
    • Hit Points: 600


    • Horsepower: 300
    • Power Ratio: 12.51 hpt
    • Fire Chance: 20%
    • Top Forward: 40km/h (24.85mph)
    • Top Reverse: 15km/h (9.32mph)


    • Penetration: 203/237/44
    • Damage: 240/240/295
    • Rounds per minute: 9.52
    • Reload Time: 6.30 seconds
    • Aim Time: 1.90 seconds
    • Accuracy at 100m: 0.32
    • Maximum Range: 720m
    • Maximum Elevation: 20 degrees
    • Maximum Depression: 5 degrees


    • Rotation Speed: 36 degrees/second
    • Traverse Speed: 36 degrees/second
    • Terrain Resistance: 1,1.2,2.2


    • There is no mounted turret
    • Traverse Speed: 26 degrees/second
    • View Range: 390m


    • Signal Range: 550m

    Nashorn Pros:

    • Strong Barrel for tier VI
    • Good speed
    • Decent reload time

    Nashorn Cons:

    • Very weak armor
    • Very low hit points
    • Hull lock

    Pros/Cons Summary:

    The Nashorn has little to no armor, so it will end up badly when seen. But if it’s in a strategic spot, it can change the end result of a match.

    Nashorn Tank Report:

    • Artillery Attention: Medium priority
    • Request Fire Attention: Medium chance
    • Armor Strength: Below satisfactory
    • Barrel Strength: Above satisfactory
    • Speed/Elusiveness: Meets satisfactory
    • Size and Power: Below satisfactory
    • Upgrade Speed: Above satisfactory
    • Overall Threat: Above satisfactory

    Nashorn Strategy Breakdown:

    The biggest strategy to have when playing in the Nashorn is to never be seen by the enemy. Also going near the frontline is a death wish and will end the match for you quickly. And the hit points on the Nashorn are terrible…the end results when shot twice by a stronger barrel: death.

    You want to be on level ground when sniping so you can eliminate the horrible gun depression – 5 degrees. You can also mount yourself on higher ground for an eagle view of the enemy. Test your gun depression while up there because this will confirm that you will be able to shoot enemies below. If you cannot shoot the enemies below then you need to find a better spot. Also, if you can remain undetected and have enemies in sight then you can easily wipe out a large portion of them. However, you should always have an exit strategy in case you are detected so you can safely evacuate immediately. You cannot afford to get hit, so bail right when detected.

    A few things you should know:

    • Do not use any premium shells because the standard shells do just fine.
    • The Nashorn is a tank you can get through somewhat quickly.
    • Always have a repair kit handy.
    • Patience is key.

    Map Strategy:

    This mapping strategy is going to be straightforward. First of all, pick an area that has good enough cover. The cover will obviously be your protection if you’re detected. Secondly, make sure that the area will allow you to evacuate safely when needed to set you up for complete success. Lastly, use the Nashorn as a shadow sniper and surprise the enemy with your strong barrel all while never being seen.


    The Nashorn, overall, is a great tank when not being hit by enemy shells. This tank can be a very fun tank to play with and can easily lead the leaderboard. Any gamer that wants this tank needs to be patient, or they will not be successful in the Nashorn. This tank excels with gamers who understand how to use a shadow sniper while also understanding the importance of patience. This can be a keeper tier VI tank.

    Shells for the Nashorn:

    Use the standard AP Pzgr 39/43. 40 of the standard shells will fill you to capacity, and you will do just fine even if you are using this as a keeper tier VI.

    Nashorn Supplies:

    The following are supplies we recommend for the Nashorn. Make sure to keep it balanced. Once you use one or more supplies per match you will get charged for what they cost, otherwise, you will not be charged. Also, make sure your auto resupply is checked on the bottom left of the consumables box otherwise you will have to manually resupply them yourself after every match. Keep in mind you can change these at any time in the garage if you want to play around with what works for you. You can add two of the same supplies per slot.

    • Small Repair Kit – This will cost 3,000 silver.
    • Small First Aid – This will cost 3,000 silver.
    • Manual Fire Extinguisher – This will cost 3,000 silver.

    Nashorn Crew (Skills and Perks):

    The following perks and skills we recommend as a high priority.

    • Sixth Sense
    • Camouflage
    • Deadeye
    • Green Thumb
    • Muffled Shot

    Nashorn Equipment:

    The following are the three pieces of equipment we recommend in this Nashorn tank review. You will use equipment in every match but you will never get charged an extra fee for repairs. Also, keep in mind that you cannot sell the equipment without gold which requires actual money, so once you get equipment, make sure you will be happy with it if using real money is not in your wheelhouse. You can only add one piece of equipment per slot.

    • Binocular Telescope – 500,000 silver.
    • Camouflage Net – 100,000 silver
    • Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer – 200,000 silver.

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