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    If you are new at the game you will want to start with the lowest amount of players. The higher the number of players the harder it is.

    If you want to quit a game, be aware that it does go against your record as a loss. However, if you want to cheat it then do not exit by quitting, instead, force close the app and it will not reflect as a loss on your record.

    You can also choose your map when starting out. If you do not want much of a challenge you can start out with a map that has a high-level unit(s) that are close to other units of yours.

    When you choose a map the first thing you want to accomplish is to get your units together in a corner of the world. Being in the middle of the map is a good way to get picked off quickly.

    Do not be too aggressive in the beginning or you will more than likely lose. The CPU is always very aggressive and will attack with as many units as it can. Example: If the CPU only has a 2 unit left it will attack another 2 unit instead of safely building back up. Aggression only pays off if you are lucky.

    Once you get your corner it is then time to build a stronghold. This means letting the CPU eat each other alive while you strategically move very little and grow your units. Once your units on the border grow to around 4-6 and are bigger than the CPU units in the area, the CPU will leave you alone and continue to attack the other CPUs. They will spread themselves thin by how aggressive they are allowing you to slowly claim more and more land.

    Do not be the first to play chance. Lets say you have a 5 unit next to a 4 or 5 unit, do not attack them if that is your only or very few large units. No need to risk a 50/50 chance at losing.

    If you are smashed against another country and you know they will become a bother if you don’t take out some of their units then take out the potential threat units accordingly. You know that it will increase in units because you are the only country next to them, so get the job done efficiently.

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