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Horizon Zero Dawn Game Review

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Game Review:

The game, Horizon Zero Dawn, is an absolutely exciting game that takes place in Earth’s far future after a global pandemic. This post apocalyptic atmosphere was created when machines took over, dismantling the way of normal human life bringing themselves back to primitive means. We would highly recommend this game to gamers who enjoy open world, action adventure games, with a lengthy story mode. Horizon Zero Dawn is highly intriguing as it keeps gamers begging to finish the next quest at the end of each mission.


With incredible graphics, unique settings, and vast range of exploration to venture, gamers may often find themselves in awe of what they should do next.

Horizon Zero Dawn truly does a phenomenal job at giving gamers the opportunity to learn the culture of its various peoples and groups throughout the campaign in great detail as well as the premise in which everything is based on.

Aside from its plot and dialogue, the game’s combat experience is very fluent. It’s also easy to control as your character, Aloy, makes her way through earth’s unforgiving landscape, fighting and sneaking through points of conflict, which seem to be around every corner.

This game also provides a decent variety of weaponry as well as three stages of advancement that follows for each weapon. There are weapons ranging from bows, sears, and slings all the to tear blasters, which are short ranged weapons that shoot compressed air ‘tearing’ off machinery armour. Going further, the three classes of weaponry advancement range from the Original class, which is outlined in green. Then to Carija class which is outlined in blue. Finally, the Shadow class, which is outlined in purple. With a very basic weapon advancement layout, players can easily decide what they would like to advance with rather than debating a multitude of options as they would in other games.


Horizon Zero Dawn still has its downsides just as any game does. In comparison to other leading open-world role-player games, Horizon Zero Dawn fails to broaden its gameplay personalization, which is an aspect that gave this game’s review an 8.3. The lack in gameplay personalization could be better by allowing players to choose the pathway they take throughout the game’s story mode by having multiple alternate endings to choose from. Another aspect would be, throughout the campaign, little of options are given to gamers on how many they may decide Aloy (the main character & protagonist) grows morally into the game. This being whether she makes her choices based on the sake of good will or that of evil and bad intentions.


Overall Horizon Zero Dawn is an amazing game that we would highly recommend to gamers who favor or are interested in this genre of gaming. Although after being evaluated through our extensive gaming review process, this game was awarded a score of 8.3, which should not be overlooked by any means! We, at Team G, will continue to put forth as much information as possible for Horizon Zero Dawn and hope to see even greater content awaiting us as this game’s DLC, “The Frozen Wilds” is released in the fall of this year.