How to Avoid Blockers in Madden 21

July 26, 2021
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How to Avoid Blockers in Madden 21

July 26, 2021
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In this Madden 21 defense tips article, we are going to cover how to avoid blockers in Madden 21. There is a very easy way to get away from blockers with your user-controlled player in order to make game-saving tackles. This method needs to be perfected with patience and practice. Do not be hard on yourself if you are not getting it to work right away.

The Roll Out Method:

First off, the player coming out to block you is never a user-controlled player. It is harder to know what a user is going to do compared to the CPU. With a user, you have to adapt and learn how they plan to operate the game throughout the game. There is no scouting report before the game which would be nice if Madden implemented that but EA is too lazy. Over the course of the game, you need to learn the tendencies of the user in order to create a plan to combat their tactics with strategy provided through knowledge.

When it comes to the CPU they do the same thing as clockwork. The CPU when outsmarted doesn’t have a plan B. It thinks like a bag of marbles bouncing down a hill. Constantly reverting back to the plan that didn’t work previously tried 800 times ago.

When the blocker is coming to block you all you need to do is Roll Out of the situation. Do not cut with the analog stick, instead roll with it. Make sure you roll the correct way too, think about your containment assignment when performing this. The CPU- controlled blocker will follow you like a dog.

Predicting the block is how you are going to perfect this. You should know whether or not it is a run after your first read of the offensive line, they indicate everything. Once you know it is a run expect the big bastard to come for your head. Keep the match in your favor and not his. Chances are high that you are faster than he is so take advantage of this. Don’t let him snag you than you have to spam your block shedding buttons that have almost no chance to win.

Once you see him coming about 5 yards before he gets to you, you need to be moving in the opposite direction of where your assignment is or where the running back is likely heading. If the hole will be to the left you need to move slightly forward to the right then circling back around to the left. If done correctly the CPU-controlled lineman will follow like a lost puppy but fail to perform his blocking animation on you. He will now be behind you while you are sitting in the hole waiting to say hello to the RB.


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