How to Cheat/Glitch Trades in Madden 23 Franchise Mode

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We are going to break down how to cheat trades in Madden 23 franchise mode. This is something anyone can do even if you are not a league commissioner.

The only thing that we ask is to respect others’ leagues by not going into a league and using this method if they ask you not to. We did create this method to be used in a negative way.

This trade glitch/cheat we call the SAR (Stack and Release). We have been using it for many years now. It will likely not be stopped until Madden changes its entire system.

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How the Trade Cheat/Glitch in Madden 23 Works:

For the SAR to work you need to be in the regular season. A team needs to be in a 53/53-man roster.

If a team is not in the regular season or at a 53/53-man roster this method will not work. The other thing is that this method will not work for injured players.

The SAR works best for backup players, it can work for starters as well but we will need to break that down further in future content.

The biggest thing that you are going to want to watch out for is great backup players. Kareem Hunt is a perfect example, another great example is Devin White.

Devin White is a backup MLB to Lavonte David. Chris Olave is also the 4th stringer so, for the time being, until his overall changes this method works for him as well.

How to Get the Trade Cheat/Glitch to work in Madden 23:

The first thing that you want to do is to go to the free agency and sign three players at whatever position that you are trying to get. Let’s say that you are trying to get a Chris Olave and or Devin White, pick up three low overall WRs and MLBs.

Then Trade all three WRs at the same time to the Saints for a late-round draft pick. After you trade all three of the WRs to the Saints they will release Chris Olave.

The same thing will happen for Devin White when you trade three MLBs to the Buccaneers. This method will work for many players around the league, you will be able to stack your team with amazing players after just 5 minutes.

How to Trade Cheat/Glitch in a Fantasy Draft League in Madden 23:

This method will also work in a free agency draft league as well. The same exact thing applies to what we showed you before.

Look for multiple good players at the same position. Chances are you will find a lot of good backup players that you can do the SAR for.

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