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We are going to be breaking down exactly how to gain Staff Points in both User play and in Simulation in Madden 22 franchise mode. Staff Points are needed in order to upgrade your coaches and your player personnel. If you are doing a simulation league make sure to check out our how to Score 100 Points in Simulation in Madden 22 so you can get a lot of Staff Points easily.

Getting a lot of Staff Points early on will give you better contracts, make trades easier, increase your player’s talents, and increase your player’s XP earnings each week. Staff Points are very important to get right if you plan on having a successful franchise in Madden 22.

How are Staff Points Earned in Madden 22?

Staff Points are earned by completing the goals that you choose on the Weekly Strategy page, under “Team Profile” under the “Weekly Gameplan Goal” page above the “Focus Players”.

The only way to actually earn Staff Points is to complete the weekly goal that you chose and if you do not complete the goals that you chose then you will not earn any Staff Points, it is as simple and basic as that.

What “Weekly Gameplan Goals” should you Choose in Madden 22?

When choosing Weekly Gameplan Goals you really need to choose something that you can accomplish or you are wasting time and the opportunity to gain Staff Points. We are going to be breaking them down starting with Head Coach then moving down to your Player Personnel which will be labeled as “Weekly Gameplan”.

Head Coach Weekly Team Goal Selection

For the Head Coach Weekly Team Goal Selection, you should realize that all of the choices give you the same amount of points but some choices are harder to obtain than the others. Make sure to choose ones that you or your team have a good shot at completing.

Here are some of the worst goals you should not choose.

  1. Choosing to “Shut Out” a team is one of the worst goals to choose for the week and that goes for both user-play and simulation leagues. A team could get a field goal at any time during the game and you would fail to gain any Staff Points.

Shutting a team out is insanely hard to try and put on yourself for only 4 Staff Points. That is why we do not recommend this choice.

2. “Don’t Allow a Sack”. While this is not impossible to complete it is also carries too much weight on you or your team’s shoulders. One sack and poof, Staff Points disappear. No need to be this drastic for 4 measly Staff Points.

3. “Allow Less Than 200 YDS”. 200 yards is not a lot of yards in a game, most QBs have an average of 200 yards in a single game. This is why you should not try to be this drastic for only 4 Staff Points.

4. “Never Reach 4th Down”. I almost don’t even know I have to even cover this because this is a ridiculous one to choose if you are only gaining 4 Staff Points for this. If this was 25 Staff Points then maybe, however, since it isn’t I would not waste my time on that.

Here are some of the best goals to choose for your head coach.

  1. “Blowout: Win By 17+ PTS”. If you have a really solid team than this is really not that hard to obtain in both user-play and simulation. This one we would choose if you are playing a team that is one of the worst teams in the league, if you are simply that talented, or if you are doing a Slow Sim with high quarter length.

2. “Score 5 Offensive TDs”. This is not too ridiculous to obtain and it is also one that will give you at least 2 Staff Points if you come close instead of being a make-or-break goal. 5 TDs is a lot but if you use our Playbooks and Schemes for Madden 22. TDs are not that hard to get if you are in a simulation league.

3. “Win the Turnover Battle”. This is one of our favorites for us due to the fact that we know our defense we have multiple turnovers a game on average just due to our playbooks and schemes and also by using our trading tips to stack our team. Like Abuse Team Needs Trading in Madden 22, our Madden 22 Trade Glitch, and How to Force Trades in Madden 22.

4. “Get 450+ YDS on Offense”. This is a two-part goal, if you get more than half of the 250+ yards on offense you will be awarded at least 2 Staff Points. That is not a lot of yards to get either, very easy to accomplish.

Offensive Coordinator Weekly Goal

Remember that all of the goals award you with the same amount of Staff Points but that does not mean that all goals are equal.

Here are the goals that we would not choose.

  1. “No Turnovers Today”. This is just too drastic of a goal, no need to try and be perfect in a game. Allow yourself to make a mistake then rebound from it and still gain Staff Points in the process. Never choose this goal.
  2. “Rush for 150+ Yards”. This is not an easy amount of yards to gain in the run game unless you are playing user play and are playing a defense that you know cannot stop you. 150 yards is rare for most HBs in the league and it is a huge goal to try and obtain for only 3 Staff Points.
  3. “Lead by 9+ at Halftime”. Another drastic goal that only gives you one half of football to complete. Allow yourself to have a full game of football instead of just a half to gain Staff Points.
  4. “Get 3 Rushing TDs”. 3 Rushing TDs compared to 3 passing TDs may sound simular but they are not nearly the same. 3 Passing TDs is much more realistic. If you have a lot of talent 3 rushing TDs are not that difficult because you can milk the stats by only running it when you are in the redzone. However, 3 TDs is tall order to put on yourself for only 3 Staff Points.

Here are the Goals we Recommend.

  1. Our favorite goal by far is the “Pass For 275+ Yards”. With our Playbooks and Schemes this is easy even with sleeper QBs in Madden 22. In User-play or in Simulation this is a very easy obtainable goal for most.
  2. “Get 3+ Passing TDs”. Getting 3+ Passing TDs would not be our first choice but it isn’t the most drastic of the goals.

Defensive Coordinator

Here are the goals we would avoid.

1. “Don’t Allow a Passing TD”, “Don’t Allow a Rushing TD”. These are too drastic in the game of football for most teams to complete.

2.”Recover Two Fumbles”. Recovering two fumbles is more luck than anything else. Not only do you have to cause two fumbles but then you have to recover them as well. This would be one that we would never choose no matter the tame we are playing.

Here are the goals we would recommend

  1. “Sack the QB 3+Times”. We know that with our defense 3+ sacks are not too out there for us to get, in fact, that would be considered a low amount of sacks for us in a single game. We average 3 sacks in a single quarter. Now if your defense does not average the same then this would not be a goal you should choose.
  2. Allow <4 Yards Per Carry”. This is one we would only choose against a pocket passing QB, going against Lamar Jackson or someone equal to his likeness would be a bad strategy. Stopping most HBs to less than 4 yards per carry is not that crazy of a goal, however, do not forget about the QB as he can run as well.
  3. “No Conversions on 4th”. This is not that hard to complete but due to the drasticness of this goal we would choose this last out of all the other goals. If they complete it once than you are not going to gain any Staff Points.
  4. “Pick it off Twice”. In our defense we know that this is not that hard to come by, getting 5 INTs in the first quarter is not even that unheard of with our system. It is easier for us than it is to recover two fumbles believe it or not.

Weekly Gameplan or Player Personnel Goal

Here are the goals we would avoid

  1. Both of the goals that will award you with 8 Staff Points if you complete. “Recover 3 Fumbles” and “5+Rushing TDs”. These are very hard to guarantee yourself and your team. Unless of course you are very talented in User-Play.
  2. “Allow< 2 Passing TDS”. If you wanted to play it safe we would recommend choosing “Throw 2+ TD Passes” instead. If you throw one passing td you will at least get a point instead of nothing.

Here are the goals we would recommend

  1. “Throw 2+ TD Passes”. This is really easy to get for most teams and if you throw at least one you will get 1 Staff Point.
  2. “1 Interception”. For most successful teams this really isn’t that difficult.
  3. “5+ Sacks” With our defense this is fairly easy for us to get but onyl choose it if you are confident in your pass rush.
  4. “220+ Yards Rushing”. If you have a rushing style QB and a decent run game, use the Browns playbook in simulatuion, or a mixture of this than this really ins’t that tough of a goal to achieve.
  5. “350 Passing Yards”. If you are using the Chiefs Playbook in simulation especially Slow Sim or are just talented in user play than this really isn’t that difficult to achieve.

Make sure to choose goals depending on what team you are playing, injuries that you have like your QB or HB, and how talented you or your team is.

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