How to Force Trades in Madden 21 Franchise Mode

July 24, 2021
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How to Force Trades in Madden 21 Franchise Mode

July 24, 2021
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We will cover your questions on how to force trades in Madden 21 or can you force trades in Madden 21? There are several ways on how to force trades in Madden 21 and we will show you each one on this topic. Madden does not have an actual setting that allows you to force trades, but we have three different methods that will allow you to force trades. We also did a video on it as well if you are more of a visual learner –

First Method:

The first method is one that we recommend as it is the easiest and quickest to do for most positions. This is our Stack and Release method. We also have one for QBs as well. The standard SAR method works for ends, outside linebackers, SS, FS, and all offensive linemen. Other positions require a special SAR method, which we have listed a link for QBs above. WRs, HBs, and CBs are going to be put up in our Madden 21 Trading Tips, Tricks, and Cheats forum.

We are going to use Aaron Donald as an example:

  1. Make sure Roster Protection Settings are turned off.
  2. Pick up three REs from the free agency. You need to have one of those three players at a 67 overall or higher for the trade to go through.
  3. Trade those three REs to the Rams for a draft pick and not a player.
  4. Look for Donald in the free agency as the Rams just released him.

Do you want a 99 overall team and keep it that way year after year? Check out our Practice Squad Secret.

Second Method:

This method is a method that a lot of people are already aware of but if you are not then now you are!

  1. Go to the player or players that you want and choose to “Edit Player”.
  2. Change his position to a punter.
  3. You can then trade for that player for practically nothing.
  4. After you acquire a said player, switch his position back to what it was previously.


  • For example, If you do this second method to Tyreek Hill, you will be able to get him for a 5th round draft pick or cheaper.
  • If you commit to this method, that player’s abilities will change.

Third Method:

This method is all about cutting and retiring from your league.

  1. Start a franchise as a coach on the team that has your players.
  2. Cut those players from your team.
  3. Head to the “Options” tab and scroll down to “User Management”.
  4. Choose “Retire”.
  5. Then choose “Create a New Coach”. Make sure you do not retire from the league, otherwise your franchise will be over.

A few things to note about the third method. Firstly, you can do this method in any year of your franchise at any time. Just keep in mind that your coach’s stats, legacy score, etc. will be retired as well. It will not be carried over to your new coach. Second, this can be a lot of work if you want players from several different teams, so we do not recommend it at that point.


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