How to Get Better at Knifing in Cold War – Pro Tips

June 23, 2021
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How to Get Better at Knifing in Cold War – Pro Tips

June 23, 2021
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You want to get better at knifing in Call of Duty Cold War eh? Obviously, you came to us because you want to get a little extra drip on the old blade in COD, which is music to our ears. We will try to simplify things so you can have fun with any melee weapon that you choose.

1. Pay Attention to Sounds and Watch Your Map:

Call of Duty Mini Map

This may sound obvious but it is important to maintain a level of vigilance when it comes to listening for sounds and watching your minimap. It is astonishing how many people do not hear the swing of the blade behind them miss their head and they just keep running. 

2. Don’t Slide Unless it is Necessary to Survive:

Call of Duty Black Ops Knifing From the Back

Sliding may look and feel cool but trying to be cool might get you killed. Sliding makes noise and someone who is a seasoned vet will notice the sound and put your face in cement. However, sometimes you have no choice in the matter. If you are spotted and need to slide behind cover to stay safe then obviously do it. The biggest reason to slide is to slide in on an enemy while knifing at the same time to finish them quickly. 

It also makes it very hard to kill you because you are basically crouching which means the enemy will have to have great aim in a split second or they will die. There are so many gamers that fall victim to the slide kill because it is really hard to shoot someone moving that fast.

3. Try To Get to Their Spawn:

Call of Duty Black Ops Knifing Sniper

Getting in or near their spawn is a good way to get a lot of kills and control the match. Don’t stay in the same spot after you make a kill, that is a good way to end your killstreak. The endzone is where you want to be in football and their spawn point is where you want to be in COD. Just don’t spoil it by staying in the same spot after you make a kill. If you make a kill from the right side of the room switch to the left side for the next time they come through the door.

4. Don’t Camp too Much and Don’t Not Camp to an Extent:

Call of Duty Black Ops Killing Spree

The goal is to sneak up on people or surprise them. To do this you will want to move forward in sections, like moving from cover to cover. Just running around like you’re late for your bar mitzvah is a good way to get a bullet through the cheeks. You should know exactly where you are going to take cover before you even start moving forward. After you take cover do small peaks and listen for any sounds of footsteps coming toward you. If you hear steps, become a spider and set a trap. On each map, you should know where your cover areas are.

5. Keep Close to walls:

Call of Duty Black Ops Highlights

When you are running, you want to make sure to give yourself the best chance of cover in a situation where there is no cover. That means you should never run in the middle of the road; stick against the wall that is on the same side where the enemy would likely be to decrease your chances of being seen. It does not matter where you are, never be in the open and always have some form of cover whether that be an actual cover or by marking yourself harder to see.

6. Watch for the Grenade:

Call of Duty Nuketown

A lot of the time you will want to be in close quarters of the enemy so that will mean being in a lot of buildings, which is good. You always want to be trapped in the building with multiple enemies that do not know you are there. If you are still in the building, always expect grenades to be thrown in there. A skilled enemy always throws a grenade in a doorway if they suspect someone’s in there so always prepare for it to come and say hello so take more cover than just hiding behind the doorway.

7. Remember that you Have a Gun Too:

Call of Duty Black Ops Raid

It is easy to forget that you have a gun and turn Rambo for the match but always try to remember to use your firearm in a smart situation. It really stems down to being good at remembering when to bring out your gun and at the right time so you aren’t running across an open area without a gun. We have made that mistake plenty of times and paid the price by looking like goofballs out there instead of a pack of rabid dogs on a mission. Each map has areas where it is wise to keep your weapon out so try and remember those locations. The more you stick to your routine the better you will get overtime.

We hope this guide has helped you out! If you have any questions then let us know in the comments below and we will get back to you! Meanwhile, check out this other cod content:


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