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How to Get Free Hosting for WordPress
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Are you interested in getting free hosting? Whether it is how to get free WordPress hosting, web hosting, or WooCommerce hosting this article applies to you.

In this article, I am going to show you how to get free website hosting…3 months of free hosting and a free professional website migration on any of SiteGround’s shared hosting plans that is.

Before I go any further, the link I am going to provide to you to claim your free 3 months of hosting is a referral link that will expire on November 25th, 2021. Your decision to use the link to claim free hosting and website migration (if applicable) will help support us in getting free hosting as well. So thank you for your support!

How to Get Free Website Hosting

To get the free website hosting all you need to do is skip the small talk and click here to get your 3 months of free hosting and free professional website migration (if applicable)!

SiteGround is a phenomenal website hosting service that is fast, secure, and fully transparent.

Not to mention the support is available through chat 24/7 and they really do go above and beyond. You cannot get better support than SiteGround and I know through almost 5 years of being a customer of theirs.

SiteGround is used by some of the largest sites out there, such as WPBeginner.

Now, let’s get into the small talk.

Type of Hosting Provided by SiteGround

SiteGround offers hosting for a variety of services, such as Web Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, and WordPress Hosting.

Below is a list of their different packages:

Free High-Quality Security and Optimization Plugins

SiteGround also has free plugins; one is for website and login security and another is for optimization.

The security plugin comes with a bunch of features:

The optimizer plugin also comes with a bunch of features:

These two plugins are free and can replace any other costly optimization or security plugins out there.

SiteGround and Cloudflare Partnership

SiteGround and Cloudflare work together and offer free CDN services. All you need to do is activate it via your Site Tools section of SiteGround.

Claim your 3 months of free hosting and a free professional website migration on any of SiteGround’s shared hosting plans.

It offers extra optimization and security to your website, such as:

You could also pay for the premium version for $15/month to unlock three extra features, such as a web application firewall, polish (image compression), and mirage (Improve load time for pages that include images on mobile devices with slow network connections by 35%). You will also get 20 page rules instead of 3.

SiteGround Scanner

The SiteGround scanner is a perk that only costs around $3 per month. The scanner does the following:

You can read all about it in their post here.

To sum it up, they teamed up with Sucuri and Sucuri scans your URLs for “suspicious code and their domain reputation checked daily.” SiteGround then added a new feature, “Comprehensive file scans on demand”.

This new feature “is a deep file scan done directly on the server. It can detect malware that is not publicly accessible and thus can be missed by the external URL scans. For example, if the malicious code is located in a password protected folder it will not be found by the URL scan, but the new file scan will easily detect it.”

So the daily and automatic Sucuri checked URLs and the user-initiated file scans are a great addition for an extra layer of security and completely worth the money.

To wrap things up, we would highly recommend switching to SiteGround or starting up your site with SiteGround. They come with many perks that are free, above and beyond, and reliable support, and extra services that are a must are the reasons why we chose and stuck with SiteGround.

Claim your 3 months of free hosting and a free professional website migration on any of SiteGround’s shared hosting plans.

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