How to Get Unlimited VC in NBA 2K22 for FREE

How to Get Unlimited VC in NBA 2K22 for FREE
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By the end of this tutorial, you will learn how to make unlimited VC in NBA 2K22 fast and free. We wouldn’t consider this an NBA 2K22 free vc glitch, we are just doing what the game allows us to do.

VC is not easy to earn when starting out the game so we really enjoyed this challenge of how to earn VC easily.

The greatest aspect of this game—and there are many great aspects to this game—is the fact that your VC goes to your account instead of an individual player.

If it was just the opposite and the VC only went to only one player instead of the whole account, this game would not be nearly as good. This allows everyone to use one of their players to pay for another and make him skilled.

This is the main part of how we earn easy free unlimited VC and we are going to show you how. It is up to you how much VC you can make doing this process but just understand that it is not going to pull you in millions of VC just by doing a few clicks.

Video Tutorial

Spawn Location Tip: Go to 5:05 of the video.

How to Get Unlimited VC in NBA 2K22:

First and foremost, create a new character. To make this fast just choose a character that you already created.

This process needs to be thought around speed; do not waste time because the more time you waste the less VC you gain.

Right after you create a new character you are going to jump into a new game and you will want to skip scenes as quickly as you can. Skipping scenes is your best friend in the game.

IMPORTANT: At the end of this. you are going to delete your character. That said, be very careful that you delete this character (fake character) and not your main character when you are finished.

Next, you are going to talk to Ricky, and, after that, he is going to have you complete the “Lay of the Land: Explore your Options” quest.

Go talk to A.I. near the practice facility and then talk to Che to complete the quest.

After you complete the “Lay of the Land: Explore your Options” quest, you are going to head back to your apartment and talk to Ricky. After you talk to Ricky, you are going to talk to him yet again.

Now, you are making your decision on what you want to do moving forward. This is where you declare for the draft.

Picking Your Agent

At this moment, you are going to be able to pick your agent in “The Come Up: Draft Day” quest.

We chose Berry and Associates as our agency. You can choose the other agency if you like, but we chose them because there are no hills. There are also fewer cut scenes you have to go through with this agency vs the other one.

Once you are talking with Berry and Associates, skip the scenes and choose “Sign with Berry and Associates”.

After you are done with this, fast travel back to your apartment. You will talk to Ricky about the combine, but do not partake in the combine. It’s just not a good return on investment, so steer clear. Instead, skip it, talk to Ricky again, and attend the draft!

Continue skipping the scenes. Once you are done, you will have 750 VC. Then you will be talking to Ricky again to move to another place and you get 1500 more VC on top of the 750 VC for a total of 2250 VC. This takes about 4 minutes to do this process.

NOTE: Make sure the VC reward populates on your screen before you quit. If you do not, there will be the chance of you not gaining the VC you worked so hard for.

You will be able to make 2250 VC every 4-5 minutes doing this process. You can repeat this over and over again with new characters.

We hope this tutorial on how to get unlimited VC in NBA 2K22 for free. If you have any questions or comments then leave them down below and we will get back to you.

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