How to Import a Draft Class in Madden 20

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Below is a step-by-step guide on how to import a draft class in Madden 20. If you would like to know How to Import Draft Classes for Second Season in Madden 20, then click the following link –

How to Import a Draft Class in Madden 20:

  • To import and create a roster you want to start up a random franchise and sim to week 3.
  • Once you get to week three it will say “scout college players” in the Things to do tab. Click on that
  • Once you click on that a tab will pop up and you will click “Auto-Generated Rookies. Click that
  • After clicking that you will pop up the draft class and edit the players by clicking the button on the bottom left of your screen. Edit your players and once you are finished editing the draft class you will choose “Export File”.
  • Once you enter into a new league and you click “Scout College Players” in week 3 you now will choose “import local file” and will be able to import your saved custom-created draft class.

I hope this helped you on how to import a draft class in Madden 20.


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