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We are going to be breaking down how to increase your IPO in Airline Manager 4 (AM4) very quickly without having to spend real money.

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Increasing your IPO does not need to be hard and let’s be honest it really doesn’t help with any part of the game. Besides, it makes you look cool, making others money if they invest in your company early on, and of course, it helps your alliance grow in rank.

Aside from that IPO is basically just a number that can be inflated. We are here to teach you how to inflate it.

There are very basic ways to increase your IPO by using a solid strategy and being smart with your time.

Step 1 in increasing your IPO in Airline Manager 4:

Buying the right planes alone at the right time for your particular situation will allow you to surpass many airlines in front of you very quickly and this includes those who spend real money on the game.

The reason for this is that most people buy planes that they shouldn’t and they waste a lot of time and money on planes that will not give them as big of a return on their investment.

This game is built around time, everything takes hours even in easy mode. So every second you save and every dollar you spend in areas that will pay off in the long run and we aren’t talking about real money here the better off you will be.

If two people start the game at the same time, spend the same amount of time in the game, and have the same amount of in-game cash flow the only difference between you two is how you strategize your moves.

Thankfully we have a list called the Best Planes that will make you Millions in Airline Manager 4. and we also have a video on it as well.

Best Planes in Airline Manager 4 Below:

Every time you buy a new plane your IPO will increase which most of you know by now. However, if you go in the correct order your IPO will make huge jumps as you are increasing your fleet.

If you spend your in-game cash on better planes and you spend your time wisely you will get a better return on investment separating yourself from others.

Eventually, once this separation is too great they will need to spend real money in the game to catch up and even then they will need to be smart with their time or the same process will repeat itself.

Step 2 in increasing your IPO in Airline Manager 4:

The more frequent you send planes out the more frequent your IPO will increase. The devs reward those who spend a lot of hours on their game.

There are people in the game who can make over double the amount of money you make in a day and yet your IPO will still grow quicker than theirs because you are constantly sending planes out.

The other big thing when it comes to sending out planes is the value of the route your purchase for your plane. If you buy cheap routes you will get less back in “Contribution/day”. We have an article called How to Make 100k in Contribution in a day in Airline Manager 4. We also have a video on it.

Airline Manager 4 Money Hack? Make MORE Contribution/Day:

Step 3 on how to Increase Your IPO in Airline Manager 4:

Make sure you are repairing or doing A-Checks when needed for your fleet. If you have planes that are overdue for an A-Check or have too much wear expect your IPO to dip. Once you repair or schedule an A-Check your IPO will bounce back.

We do not suggest that you repair planes because it is actually a waste of money. Thankfully we have you covered.

Never Repair Your Planes in Airline Manager 4:

These are the 3 main ways to increase your IPO in Airline Manager 4 very quickly. Hope you enjoyed our content, please share our content as it helps us grow as a company, thank you!

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