How to Make 100k Contribution/Day in Airline Manager 4

April 13, 2022
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How to Make 100k Contribution/Day in Airline Manager 4

April 13, 2022
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Many people wonder how to make a lot of “Contribution/Day” in Airline Manager 4 (AM4). It is much easier than you may think it is to inflate this number to massive proportions.

We need to first break down how Contribution/Day actually works in the game in order for you to be able to make the best decision for your airline and your alliance.

Frequency = More Contribution/Day:

What we mean by this is that if you buy a plane like the Global 7500 that goes 955 kph and send that out on a bunch of quick routes throughout the day your Contribution/Day number will inflate to huge proportions.

This is even with the Global 7500 only having a pax count of 19. The amount of pax is not as big of a concern as frequency is.

This goes for all fast planes, not just the Global 7500. If you bought a large amount of the Concorde and sent that out on quick routes throughout the day your Contribution/Day numbers could be insane.

The more planes that you send out that come back quickly and are sent back out quickly throughout the day the more money you make in Contribution/Day.

This is How Alliances Win Seasons in Airline Manager 4:

Winning a Season in AM4 is a sacrifice, this is something that you need to understand. You sacrifice profit for frequency, basically the same notion as quantity over quality.

If your alliance members can get on every 3 hours or more and have a lot of fast planes on short routes your alliance would have a great chance to win Seasons.

The more frequently you can send out planes the more your chance of winning increases. It isn’t really logical but it is a smart system that the devs implemented.

Planes like the Concorde would absolutely dominate, however, they are super expensive and most airlines would not be able to afford a fleet of them. Instead, all of your members could buy a bunch of Global 7500 planes and do very well with that cheap plane as well.

Buy 24-hour marketing and just spam that depart button and your alliance will eventually win a season.

Contribution/Day Increasing Does not Mean Your Profit Increases:

Don’t confuse Contribution/Day with how much money an airline makes. In fact, the airlines that tend to make a lot of Contribution/Day tend to earn less money a day than those close to the same size and pull in far less.

The best way to grow your airline is to actually not worry about your daily contribution. For my airline, I couldn’t care less about my Contribution/Day because I know that I make a lot more money by sending out my planes on 12-hour flights and only paying for the best 4-hour marketing twice a day.


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