How to Score 100 Points in Simulation in Madden 22

September 24, 2021
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How to Score 100 Points in Simulation in Madden 22

September 24, 2021
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This is a guide on how to win just about every game in simulation, break records, and outscore your opponents by almost 100 points in a single game. If you follow this guide you will dominate in simulation in Madden 22. There will be almost no way that you will lose in Madden 22 and if you do lose it will be a very rare occasion.

There are two types of simulation in Madden 22 that we are going to break down so you understand the differences and can further understand how to win in simulation. This content also goes for almost every Madden in recent years.

1. Standard Simulation in Madden 22:

Standard Simulation is where you just sim game to game and you do not watch any of the games. This way is the hardest type of simulation in Madden 22. Your team could be a 95 overall and still lose against an 80 overall team by 30 points even though, in reality, that would be a stretch if we were talking about a real-life team.

This type of simulation can be frustrating and irritate many people in the Madden community because they cannot understand why they are losing. However, there are also bonuses to this type of simulation.

If the simulation was too easy then people would use our Madden 22 Trading Tips, like our SAR trade glitch method, Trading for Contracts, and much more to turn their team into a MUT status team, and win every game.

Video Tutorial, Scoring 100 Points in Simulation at the End of the Episode.

2. Slow Simulation in Madden 22:

Slow Simulation is where you watch the game play out, this type of simulation is the easiest type of simulation to win in when your team is good. However, If your team is not talented then it can be very difficult to win in this type of simulation and you may be better suited to do Standard Simulation until your team is good enough to win.

Which, do not worry will not take years and will likely not even take a full season. You will be able to start winning by the midway or end of the season.

Slow Sim is where you will score the most amount of points in a single game and it is not even up for debate. If your Playbooks/Schemes are right and your team is decent with the right players for simulation then you can score up to 100 points in a game. Check out our Playbooks and Schemes for more help if you want to dominate in Madden 22.

A video you may want to watch is the last game of this Falcons Rebuild that we did where we played the Kansas City Chiefs in Slow Sim and mopped the floor of them. We scored 100 points and got 9 INTs in the game against Patrick Mahomes.

Best Settings for Slow Simulation in Madden 22

  1. Difficulty, does not not matter. However, we keep it on All-Madden.
  2. 15 minute quarters.
  3. Accerlerated Clock, Off. You could have it on but there is no real point to it. If you want the game to be quicker than just shorten the quarter length.
  4. Injury, Off During Preseason.
  5. Injury Rating 15. Any Higher than this will cause you to get annoyed at the level of injuries that you take on. Injuries will still be apart of your franchise at this level.
  6. XP Sliders, we will cover this in another post very soon.
  7. Gameplay Sliders, we keep them on standard and only change the Speed Threshold to 0.
  8. Stamina Rating, it is up to you but you can raise is slightly if you want. Madden seems to be docking players Stamina ratings this year so it would not be a crazy thing to raise them up.
  9. All other setting will will go over in future post and update this page accordingly.

So How Do you Win Almost Every Simulated Game in Madden 22?

  1. Determine what type of simulation is best for your team. If your team is young and needs time to grow you will want to fast sim, get them as much XP as possible then upgrade them.

    If you do not know where your team is, you could run a test by Slow Simming the first game and see how your team does. If your team does not dominate than your team needs a little time to adjust.

    If you have a team like the Chiefs, Bucs, or any other high-powered team then you can start Slow Simming right at the beginning of the year even with a sleeper QB that is a 50 plus overall and likely dominate.

    Check out our Madden 22 Sleeper QBs list for great sleeper QBs that will cost you pennies on the dollar and still win Super Bowls. Believe it or not but you do not need a high overall QB to break records, in our Lions rebuild we used Cole McDonald and he helped us score 70 points in a game.

    We also tested him on the Chiefs and he threw for almost 6,000 yards in a season and took the Chiefs to a Super Bowl and won. In Fact, he did better than Patrick Mahomes did.
  2. If your team is already good then you can skip the fast simulation aspect and go straight into the slow sim. The higher the quarter length the more you will dominate. If you simply do not have the time to watch a long game then put it at 8 min quarters, simulate PATs and kickoffs to help speed up time.

    The lowest quarter that you should go is 6 minute quarters, any lower than that does not give you much time to rebound from an unfortunate play. A team can play good against you for a 5 minutes or around there so you want to give your team enough time to combat home field advantage and to get in a ryhthm.

    Once your team gets into a ryhthm than it will be a long night for the other team and they will need to pack a lunch for the beat down they are about to take.
  3. Eventually, your team will get good enough to the point you will trust them a lot more and they will give you many more options on how you want to move forward. The goal needs to always be making it to the playoffs.

    To make it to the playoffs it may be where you do not have to Slow Sim all the time to dominate, you could end up Fast Simming the regular season. Obviously this needs to be a monitored Fast Simualtion.

    If you find that your team is losing a lot than you might want to go back to Slow Simulation until things get back under control, or if injures are plaguing your team then that might be another reason for Slow Simulation. Another reason to switch back to Slow Sim is if you have some young players that you are working on and need them to get better.

    Slow Simulation will give your players more XP because they will simply do better and in doing better they will get inevitably get more XP. Especially the QB postition.

Video Tutorial, Difference Between Slow Sim and Fast Sim

Always Slow Sim in the Playoffs

Slow Simulation is the only way to almost guarantee a victory in Madden 22. When your team is good enough Slow Simulation is a death sentence for the other team. We scored 100 points against the Chiefs and the Chiefs only scored 6 points with Pat Mahomes throwing 9 INTs.

Even if you are paying other users, with our Playbooks/Schemes tips they will likely watch your team run away with another score, another sack, another pick, and eventually the win. Slow simulation is based more upon talent and playbooks. While Fast Sim is based upon a little bit of talent, confidence, and a lot of luck.

The scores will be a lot more close and realistic in Fast Sim even though your team could be unrealstically talented. Fast Sismulation is a fickle beast that is hard to tame.

Speed Kills and Good Defense is Key in Madden 22 Slow Sim:

Speed is something that can’t be coached and cannot be stopped and that goes for Madden as well. Speed is not everything in the sense that if you only have that you will win every game with ease.

However, it is imperative in making sure that your team will be almost impossible to stop for more than a quarter. If your WRs are blasing fast while also talented than you can guarantee that your team will score a lot of TDs within 4 quarters with our Playbooks/Schemes.

Another Madden gamer can match your talent with their defense, but can they match your speed? Jalen Ramsey if our testing got beat by John Ross in huge numbers and even though Ramsey has a way higher overall there was nothing he could do against John Ross’s speed. Not when our QB is designed to throw a deep bomb to him and the safeties have 3 other guys that they have to worry about with simular speed.

Madden just like real-life football is a numbers game. You want to stack the odds in your favor in order to get the outcome that you want to get. Don’t choose speed over everything but add speed into your decision making when you are looking at adding the next best player to your team.

If you liked this tutorial then subscribe to our YouTube Channel for other Madden content like this. You could also check out all of our Madden NFL 22 Guides to explore more content.


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