July 23, 2021

How to Trade for ANY HB in Madden 21

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In this Madden 21 article, we will show you how to trade for any HB in madden 21. There are certain positions we call specialty positions – HBs are that just don ’t behave the sam e way as other positions in terms of the SAR. However, we have found a way for you to get any HB you want with our Stack and Release (SAR) method. This will work for every HB, however, there is an extra step for Derrick Henry we will list on here as well.

Things You Need to Know Before You Start:

  • We are using an Active Roster in an online franchise. This will work as well in an offline franchise and/or Real-Life Roster, however, trading may be different between the two. Nonetheless, if you follow these tips you will be successful. And, as a general rule of thumb, turn off Roster Protection located in the League Settings (default is set to 46).
  • Other very important tips are to turn the speed threshold to 0, turn it on All-Madden, and tweet out to Madden that they need to increase the in-game speed, #BringSpeedBack. It won’t do a damn thing for you with trading, however, in-game speed brings out that inner beast that will make everyone a better human.
  • We will be doing most of the work in the preseason to prep for the SAR in the regular season. Trading in the preseason ensures a high trading success rate in all situations. If you simulate to the regular season and start trading, trading will be slightly more random due to upgrades gained throughout the preseason resulting in overalls to change. Team needs may change as well.
  • We will be doing the two-wave SAR for us to get this to go through so make sure that you are following these tips closely. We will also provide you with back-up plans to ensure a high success rate.

The Method:

  1. You will want to go after WR Diontae Johnson from the Steelers. He is extremely easy to trade for. Trade a 66+ overall yellow to green interest RT along with a 70+ overall yellow interest HB. Make sure to ask for picks back because you will be overpaying if you do. If you cannot get Diontae Johnson for whatever reason, check out our backup plans below.
  2. Once Johnson is acquired, simulate to week one of the regular season.
  3. Then, you will need to pick up 3 HBs from the free agency or use lower overall HBs on your team already. Make sure you have a trading point man that will get the trade to go through. A point man in a trade is one player in the high 60 overall range. The other two HBs do not have to be as good.
  4. Once you decide on who you want to get (make sure you are not doing this for a player who is injured), the first thing to do is trade them, Diontae Johnson. Trade Johnson for a backup left tackle and a draft pick if possible. You need to keep them at a 53-man roster.
  5. Now that Diontae Johnson is on their team we can now do the SAR. Trade them those 3 HBs you picked up on free agency for a draft pick only. Do not trade for a player at this time or this will not work.
  6. Once you trade those 3 HBs for a draft pick, it will cut the player that you wanted and you will find him on the free agency.

Backup Plans:

If you cannot get Diontae Johnson in your league we have backup plans for you. This will also work using Josh Jacobs or by doing the Stack and Trade (SAT) for Debo Samuel, Henry Ruggs III, or Marquise Brown; you can find those players on our WRs to Trade for in Madden 21 list. If you went with a WR simply change their position to HB. They can now be used in this same process instead of Johnson.

How to Trade for Derrick Henry in Madden NFL 21:

Do the trades while in the preseason. Once you have acquired those players, simulate to week one of the regular season.

  1. First, you will need to trade for WR Diontae Johnson on the Steelers by simply trading a 66+ overall yellow to green interest RT along with a 70+ overall yellow interest HB. Make sure to ask for picks back because you will be overpaying if you do. If you cannot get Diontae Johnson for whatever reason, check out our backup plans above.
  2. Then, you will need to trade for WR Laviska Shenault Jr. from the Jaguars by using a green interest SS, yellow interest HB, and a 3rd to 1st round of next year’s pick.
  3. Simulate to week one of the regular season and make sure to change Johnson and Shenault from a WR to HB.
  4. Pick up three HBs from the free agency. Only one of those HBs needs to be a 67+ overall.
  5. Trade Johnson to the Titans for a backup LT along with a draft pick if they will go for it.
  6. Then, trade Shenault Jr. along with two low overall HBs for a draft pick only!
  7. Finally, trade the Titans the three HBs you picked up from the FA for a draft pick only.
  8. the Titans have now dropped Henry, so pick him up in the free agency.

We hope this has helped you in your Madden 21 franchise. If you have any questions then please let us know in the comments down below!



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