How to Trade for ANY Wide Receiver (WR) Easy in Madden 20

November 10, 2021
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How to Trade for ANY Wide Receiver (WR) Easy in Madden 20

November 10, 2021
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Wide receivers (WR) used to be on the Madden 20 impossible to trade for list until we figured out the sweet spot to get any WR you want. Follow these steps and you will no longer struggle to get a WR you want, such as Tyreek Hill or A.J. Brown.

You will learn two different methods from this article. There is going to be a lot of information in this article and it will be in detail. This is to help you out as much as we can! If you have any trouble then do not hesitate to leave us a comment below!

We also did a video on this method here, which you can watch at the bottom of this post. If you would also like to check out how to get any DT in Madden 20 then check this topic out here.

Before you start:

You can choose any team you would like, it does not matter. The first thing you will want to do is make sure you are starting out in a custom roster (updated roster). If you see the imported roster at 3023 then you are using the correct roster.

If you do not start out in the preseason then it is harder to predict or gameplan because your franchise will be different as the preseason is simulated. All teams will start out with the same team needs as well and that will change if you are not in the preseason. Also, starting in the preseason will give you the opportunity to stack your team for the regular season where this method will work. You can utilize the available free agents, such as Antonio Brown. If you aren’t then you will have to tweak a few things for it to work.

We would recommend turning injury off just to get the trades to go through. If a key player is injured then you will not be able to utilize them.

Check the Roster Protection settings via the league settings and turn the minimum roster size off. If you are not the league commissioner and this method does not work then he or she could have set those settings to the point where the SAR/SAT will not work.

You must use Antonio Brown, D.K. Metcalf, and Mecole Hardman in order for this method to work. The details will be in the method section below.

Rember that you should pick up players who you are going to trade away on the free agency if you can.

The SAR is going to evolve throughout the season because of the player’s increase or decrease in overall. You will also want to pick up players who have trade value, such as halfbacks (HB) and defensive tackles (DT). One HB who has tremendous trade value is Jeremy Hill. He is a 68 overall but shows up yellow interest on most teams and has a very positive effect on the trade meter.

You must have a point man. A point man is one player who will get the trade to go through, so 67 overall is the cutoff for a point man but 68 overall and above is more effective. Once you have that point man then the overall should not matter for the other two players.

When using draft picks in trades make sure to always start with next year’s picks instead of the current year.

Follow this system created by pro gamers and you will rule your franchise.

Make sure to respect other users’ league rules.

The Stack and Trade (SAT) method:

This method can be done in the preseason and regular season, however, you will need to start in the preseason to get the following key player. You can also pick up the following hidden gems from the free agency in order to add trade value to any of the trades performed below as different options for your trades to go through. Pick up Jeremy Hill if available or a 68 overall or above HB, and two 67 or above DTs – Cornelius Washington works fine if you can find him – from the free agency. In the video listed below, Dodds picked up Jeremy Hill, Cornelius Washington, and Ra’Shede Hageman (DT). If you read the “Before you start” section above, then you know that those positions have great trade value.

  1. You will first want to pick up Antonio Brown from the free agency.
  2. Now that you have Antonio Brown you can do the SAT to get one of the impossible WRs to trade for, A.J. Brown. It is good to note that Antonio Brown is one of the most valuable players in the free agency. Simply trade Antonio Brown to the Tennessee Titans for around a 1st and 6th round pick, and it will be different for you so get back what they will give you. If it’s more then awesome! You can also hold onto A.J. Brown as a backup for the method below. That trade is called the “Stack“. Now A.J. Brown is tradeable hence the term Stack and Trade. You can then utilize the Titans team needs to get Brown. A.J. Brown. Jump to 12:07 in the video below to see what players Dodds used or 10:04 to see his process on trading for Brown. Now, A.J. Brown is just an example receiver. You can most likely utilize Antonio Brown to do the SAT for other WRs who are impossible to trade for as well, you just have to make sure you target WR is lower of an overall. If not, no worries! Follow the SAR steps below to get your target receiver in a case where the SAT is not working.

The SAR method for Tyreek Hill (example player) and others:

This method has to be done in the regular season or it will not work. However, you will need to trade for two key players as explained, and it is recommended to trade for them in the preseason as the trades may be completely different in the regular season.

  1. Trade for D.K. Metcalf on the Seahawks by utilizing their team needs. Metcalf is not very hard to trade for. Fullbacks (FB) hold more value than a 4th round 2021 (next year), so keep that in mind. Fro the trade, use a 3rd round 2021 pick, a 67-70 overall LG, and a 72-76 overall HB for Metcalf and, of course, make sure to ask for picks back. You can also use a FB instead of the draft pick if the FB holds the right trade value, so check to see if you have one. Otherwise, just stick with the draft pick. FBs are super easy to trade for so you can get him back easily. If you used the draft pick instead of the FB then get him back if you’d like with the following instructions. Even though – most likely – FB is no longer on their team needs, you can still use a FB to get your draft pick back. Simply trade them a 66-69 overall FB and HB for the pick you sent over.
  2. Head to the Chiefs to pick up Mecole Hardman who is very easy to trade for. For the trade, use a 67-70 overall center (C) and a 69-72 overall MLB. Those are the two positions that are number 1 and number 2 on their team needs.
  3. Now, head over to the 49ers to pick up Deebo Samuel. Samuel or A.J. Brown are the point men for this method. Dodds utilizes Samuel instead of Brown, but you have an option. You can find out how to get Brown by checking the above method or the video below. Samuel is not very easy to trade for but he is not impossible. To get Samuel you will need a 75-80 overall DT, 78-82 overall LG, and a 4th to 2nd round 2021pick (next year’s). The video below shows Dodds’s process.
  4. Now that you have Deebo Samuel, Mecole Hardman, and D.K. Metcalf simulate to the regular season in order for this to work. Make sure your players are not injured, otherwise this will not work.
  5. Head to the Chiefs and put up Samuel, Metcalf, and Hardman. Keep in mind that you have to use Metcalf and Hardman in order for this to work. As explained before, Samuel or A.J. Brown are the point men. Now, ask for as many picks back as you can get. Get greedy and take your time. Once the trade goes through, you should make sure they are on the Chiefs roster.
  6. Once you have traded those three players to the Chiefs, head to the free agency and pick up three more WRs. You do not have to use the same players as Dodds did in the video, you just have to make sure the trade goes through. Stick with overalls from 68-74 as good measure.
  7. Trade those three WRs to the Chiefs for a draft pick. Get whatever they will give you.
  8. The final step is to check the free agency. You should see Tyreek Hill or your target receiver there to pick up.


  • If you use the SAR method to get Tyreek Hill then you will most likely see Sammy Watkins on the free agency as well. You can either keep Watkins or trade him away for some value!

Those are some expensive players and you will find yourself in a contract conundrum. If you find yourself with expensive players that you cannot pay for then use our reset technique or double reset technique.

If you would like to see the exact players and thought process of Dodds then check the video below! We hope this content has helped you. Comment below to let us know the changes you had to make with a certain team or time of year you were in or if you need some help. We love to hear feedback!


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