How to Trade for Corners in Madden 20 | Tips & Cheats

November 18, 2021
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How to Trade for Corners in Madden 20 | Tips & Cheats

November 18, 2021
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In this how-to trade for corners in Madden 20 tips article, we are going to give you our list of how to trade for CBs in Madden 20. This list should be combined together as much as possible to give you a complete idea of how to have great corners in Madden 20.

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#1 How to trade for Corners in Madden 20 Offline Mode/Preseason Rosters

We want you to think about the future of your franchise in a Madden 20 Offline Mode or in Preseason Rosters in general. You need to take advantage of Trading for rookies in an Offline Mode or Preseason Rosters. There are two top rookie corners we want you to go after and both of them can be given to you for free by using free agency (FA) players that we will provide the names of.

  • Byron Murphy Jr, 75 overall Star Dev. The Cardinals can be sweet-talked into trading Murphy for two DT off the FA. Both are 69 overalls, the first is Cornelius Washington and the second is Chris Baker. They will more than likely give you a late-round pick back as well so get Greedy and take what is yours.
  • Greedy Williams, 73 overall Star Dev. The Browns are willing to part ways with Greedy for HB Jeremy Hill and MLB Manti Tao on the FA. You do not have to use just these players but make sure whoever you use has the same interest.

If you want higher overall players you can still get them but you will need to combine a few of the topics we have on this list together.

#2 How to Trade for Corners in Madden 20 Updated Rosters

We are going to talk about several ways to get a lot of good corners in Updated Rosters. Just make sure to also check out our Franchise MPPs after reading this page to see how we trade for individual corners. Here is a list of cornerbacks you should look to trade for in Updated Rosters.

  • Now you can still go after rookie CBs in Updated Rosters but it is slightly more difficult in certain areas and easier in others. You can get Greedy Williams on the Browns really easy still, you can get Sean Murphy-Bunting and Jamal Dean
  • The Ravens are willing to trade you 3 CBs for a very generous deal. They will give up 83 overall Jimmy Smith who you can keep or trade away for a profit, 79 Brandon Carr who you can trade away for a good profit, and Tavon Young who is a 77 overall Star development 3-year pro. All they want in return is two high (green) interest players and a low (red) interest HB. You can use Kelechi Osemele who is an LG on the FA, 70 plus overall RE that needs to show green interest and a red interest HB around a 67 overall.

#3 All the Trade Cheats for High Overall CBs in Madden 20

  • Punter Trading. Punter Trading is where take a high overall CB and move them to another position like punter where they are bad at and then trade for him using a late-round draft pick. Once he is on your team you can move him back to a CB. Keep in mind that certain leagues find this cheating so make sure you respect your league’s rules. The other thing is someone cannot do this if they are not a league commissioner, they can only edit their own team’s player’s positions. We are not the biggest fan of this one but we feel inclined to make sure you know this.
  • T4G’s Stack and Release or SAR.
    The SAR is possible for all corners besides really high overall corners. However, we are going to point you in a different direction with the SAR technique and have you go after safeties then move those safeties to corner. You can do this with really high overall safeties that will be great corners. Such as T4G’s Stack and Trade or SAT.

#4 How to Trade for CBs in the Future in Madden 20

Trading for the future CBs is very exciting and is where you are going to have the best of the best CBs. CPU-generated CBs are fairly easy to trade for if you follow what we tell you.

We hope you enjoyed this Madden 20 cornerbacks to trade for tips article in your Madden 20 Franchise Mode!


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