How to Trade for Fast, Elite Wide Receivers (WR) in Madden 21

July 24, 2021
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How to Trade for Fast, Elite Wide Receivers (WR) in Madden 21

July 24, 2021
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In this article, you will learn how to trade for the fastest and most elite WRs in Madden 21 franchise mode. If you have been following us since Madden 20, you may have come across our video and forum topic explaining how to trade for any WR in Madden 20. Well, here is another one of those trading tips but for Madden 21 franchise mode. After you learn the technique and understand it, you will be able to utilize this in your league.

We have a video on this method, which can also be played at the bottom of this topic.

We know that there are some key players – or player – that can get the job done for you. A once impossible player to trade for, such as Henry Ruggs III, now becomes possible. This method is a method that is allowed in your leagues – more than likely – as you are not doing more of a trade cheat or glitch like our SAR (Stack and Release) method.

Before you start:

You can choose any team you would like, it does not matter. The first thing you will want to do is make sure you are starting out in online mode via an active roster (updated roster). A fantasy draft will be different and harder to gameplan for. Offline mode and Real-Life NFL Roster may work the same or it will be different.

If you do not start out in the preseason then it is harder to predict or gameplan because your franchise will be different. For example, the team needs for most – if not all – teams will be different. The concept is the exact same, however. Just utilize the team needs in the same way we do. Also, starting in the preseason will give you the opportunity to stack your team by using free agents.

If there is a key player who is injured, then we recommend using an alternate player mentioned or turning injury off for the time being.

When using draft picks in trades make sure to always start with next year’s picks instead of the current year.

The SAR is going to evolve throughout the season because of the player’s increase or decrease in overall. You will also want to pick up players who have trade value, such as halfbacks (HB) and defensive tackles (DT). One HB who has tremendous trade value is Jeremy Hill. He is a 68 overall but shows up yellow interest on most teams and has a very positive effect on the trade meter.

You must have a point man. A point man is one player who will get the trade to go through, so 67 overall is the cutoff for a point man but 68 overall and above is more effective. Once you have that point man then the overall should not matter for the other two players.

When using draft picks in trades make sure to always start with next year’s picks instead of the current year.

Follow this system created by pro gamers and you will rule your franchise.

Make sure to respect other user’s league rules. Now let’s get to business.

If you have a lot of great WRs and cannot sign them all then we have a contract cheat for you to be able to keep every stud player on your franchise. Simply check out our Contract Reset Method.

The Stack and Trade (SAT) Method:

The SAT method involves one key player, Julian Edelman. An alternate player you could use Emmanuel Sanders. We show you how to get both of those players on our WRs to trade for list. Both of those players are super easy to trade for.

One key thing to take in mind when using Edelman for the SAT is utilizing Edelman’s overall. He must be at least 5 points higher overall than any WR you are trying to trade for. This will work perfectly for players like Marquise Brown, Henry Ruggs, and Deebo Samuel.

We will be using the Ravens as an example. Once you have acquired Edelman:

  1. Trade Edelman to the team who has your WR, such as Hollywood Brown on the Ravens for a 1st, 4th, and 7th round 2022 draft picks or whatever you can get.
  2. Now that Edelman is stacked on the Ravens – or whatever team – you can then trade for Edelman AND Brown. This trade, along with Ruggs, Samuel, and many others are listed in our WRs to trade for.

Now, after trading Edelman to whatever team who has your player, the trade will not always be the same for you as it would for anyone else. You may have to make adjustments with the type of players you need to use, the positions you need to use, the draft picks, and the overalls. Just use our tips as a guide to making your trades work. If you are having trouble and just cannot seal the deal then leave us a comment and we will help you. Any issue you are having, someone else is having as well. Us helping you will help others as well.

A great example of this is using the Saints. When trying this method on Ruggs using the Saints, you may struggle. Here is a fix that any other user can use as a guide to get Henry Ruggs III.

Using the Saints:

  1. Pick up LE Willie Henry and TE Seth Devaline from the free agency (FA).
  2. Pick up Edelman using the TE you picked up from FA and ask for a pick back.
  3. Head to the Dolphins and trade them your DT Tuttle and a 2021 Round 4 Pick 125 for their 2021 Round 3 Pick 72.
  4. Head to the Vikings and trade them your DT Edwards Jr and the 2022 Round 6 Pick 189 draft pick for their LG Elflein.
  5. Now, change Willie Henry from a LE to a RE and Elflein from a LG to a LT.
  6. Then, head to the Raiders via manual trade and give them Edelman and HB Ty Montgomery II for Nathan Peterman and Jones – add up the Raiders WR Gafford if you can get away with it, otherwise, disregard until the last step.
  7. Lastly, trade away the 3rd, Elflein, and Henry for Edelman, Ruggs, and a draft pick. If you could not get Gafford when trading away Edelman and Montgomery then put Gafford up instead of the draft pick.

Side Note – the reason you need to get Jones and Gafford off of the Raiders is to make sure the Raiders do not go over their cap space, otherwise, the Raiders will not be able to make the final trade.

The Stack and Release (SAR) Method:

When doing this method:

  • You are going to want to get all of the key players and players from the free agency during the preseason. All of the key players you need to trade for below are listed on our WRs to trade for.
  • Once you have acquired them, simulate to the regular season.
  • This method will not work unless you are in the regular season.
  • Also, make sure to check the Roster Protection settings via League settings and turn it off, otherwise, this method will not work.
  • The team you are doing the SAR with has to be at a constant 53 man roster. This means when wave trading players to a team, only ask for draft picks and not players.

Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman are going to be our example players. The concept is the exact same for other players. We have found that this method does not work on Michael Thomas, unfortunately.

  1. You need to go pick up Deebo Samuel, D.K. Metcalf, and Marquise Brown.
  2. Now, make sure you have acquired 3 WRs from the free agency (FA), one of them being the point man as explained in the “before you start” section above.
  3. Trade Samuel, Metcalf, and Brown to the Chiefs for a 1st, 3rd, and a 4th round pick of 2022.
  4. Now, those three players are stacked on the Chiefs.
  5. Take the three WRs you picked up from the FA and trade them to the Chiefs for a 7th round pick or so. If they will not accept the trade, simply trade them three 7ths for a 6th or 7th and try again.
  6. Now, the Chiefs have dropped Hill and Hardman.

If you want those three key players back then you need to do the SAT method with Julian Edelman as explained in our SAT method above.

We hope this has helped you get all of the WRs you want in your Madden 21 franchise. If you still have questions or a method just isn’t working and you need help then leave us a comment below and we will help you out.


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