How to Trade for Unlimited Draft Picks in Madden 22

October 2, 2021
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How to Trade for Unlimited Draft Picks in Madden 22

October 2, 2021
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We are going to be showing you to trade for unlimited draft picks in Madden 22. After this article, you will own the draft in Madden 22 and will even be able to apply these tactics for other Maddens as well. Eventually, you will have complete control for what players get drafted where and also when you want to draft.

Video Tutorial

Look for Easy Picks in the Preseason or Early Regular Season

By this, we do not mean trying to trade for the 1st, 1st overall draft pick. Remember that all draft picks at this time are all projected, which means that there is no guarantee that they will end up being what they project. However, they will still make you pay for this projection.

If the pick is projected to be the 1st overall pick you will have to give up a truck-ton in order for it to be accepted. And at the very end of the year, you could have ended up trading all that for a pick that ends up being pick 25 instead of pick 1.

Which would make you look stupid in front of your friends and cause your girlfriend to potentially dump you because you have shamed her and she can no longer be seen in public with you. This happens far too often Madden users nowadays because they simply do not try and get help from the pros.

So instead of trying to be a hotshot and trading for an early first-round projected draft pick and giving up the house for it, try and take a different approach that is much more reasonable.

This approach should be trading for draft picks that are projected in the mid-first round or even later first-round picks that are easier to trade for.

The Eagles for example are 3 first-round draft picks that are projected in the mid-first range and are not the hardest to trade for because they need a QB. QBs are easy to get depending on who you are trying to trade for.

We have plenty of content that will show you how to trade for great QBs for cheap and then be able to trade them away for a lot. Like our 1-year Pro Trading method.

Video Tutorial

This video will show you how to trade for elite young QBs for cheap that you can use to trade for draft picks.

1-Year Setup for the Future/Trade for Current Year Draft Picks

When you begin trading for draft picks many people just want to trade for as many draft picks as possible which is not what you want to do. You are going to want to set yourself up for the future after just your first year in Madden.

There is no reason that you shouldn’t be set up for Madden franchise life after your first year of trading for draft picks in Madden 22 if you do it correctly.

Your goal in Madden 22 and for all other Maddens needs to be trading for as many draft picks in the current year as possible before going into the draft. The draft is king when it comes to trading for more draft picks by trading your draft picks for even more picks.

Teams do not care for next year’s picks nearly as much as they care for current year’s draft picks. What is funny about this is that it stays true regardless of if we are talking about CPU-controlled teams or User Teams.

Profit From Draft Gambling Addiction

Do you want the chance to have a porch in your garage this year or next year? Very few people have the strength to say, “no I’ll wait because it isn’t really smart for me to trade away a bunch of my picks for a guy who could potentially be injury-prone or have crappy traits”.

Which if we are being honest is exactly what we all are doing when we draft players in Madden. There is no scouting report that includes their injury status in college. They just talk about the upsides of a player, not “Yeah the player has A+ Throw Power but was injured 6 times in one season”.

So when you draft the QB of your dreams that looks amazing but he ends up having a 79 Injury rating and is worth nothing more than a dog turd but is paid like a Ferrari that is exactly what we are talking about when we say gambling. This happens more than you think because the CPU Generated Draft Classes tend to suck.

That is why we started creating our own which you should check out. Just search up Tips4Gamers on Xbox and go in order with the classes.

Once you are in the draft and you have a fair amount of draft picks to play with you will want to do a mixture of trading draft picks away while also drafting good players at the same time. There is no reason to just do one over the other when there is no need to.

For example, if you have pick 7 in the first round, click on the “Trade Away” button and browse through the trade offers. Try and select an offer that places you back a few spots in the draft in the same year while also giving you a few more draft picks.

What you want is to move back a space or two and get a 2nd and a 3rd as well or something along those lines. Try and also trade for as many current year draft picks as possible because every current year draft pick is the potential for even more draft picks down the line.

Towards the end of the draft, you will end up having a massive amount of draft picks that you can start trading for next year’s draft picks and set yourself up for next year. Then when the next year’s draft comes you will be able to repeat the same thing.

Eventually, you will have so many draft picks that you will be trading for great backups just because you have too many picks and reach the draft pick cap limit. Or you might even be in a situation where you want to free up your rookie reserve for players in the free agency so you will be giving them away to other teams.

If you do get to that point like we have many times make sure to give those draft picks to your enemies, enemies. Always be thinking of how to claim the throne and how to stay there. Be relentless whether we are talking about the draft, trading, or anything else when it comes to Madden.

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