How to Win Every Race in American Speedway Guide

June 14, 2021
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T4G American Speedway Review: 5/10 – Average

We are going to show you how to win every race regardless of your car’s performance or your driver’s ability. Watching ads for upgrades will also be a thing of the past. When you get the hang of the tips we give you today you will conquer the world of American Racing to a point of no return. You will be unstoppable to a point the legends of the game will weep when your name is brought up and they would all rather die themselves than ever see you leave this racing world. You will see below that we got a perfect score of 320 and that is with a stock car and the default driver J. Smith that you start with. We won every race and we also did it all on our rookie season with no real upgrades to write home about.

T4G American Speedway Challenge: Score Perfect Score of 320 in the first season.

If you think that you could complete this same challenge here are the rules.

  1. If you lose a race you will have to restart the game completely. You are only allowed 2 restarts.
  2. It is an absolute must to use J.Smith the whole time. He is our boy and must be treated as such.
  3. No spending real money.
  4. Upgrades to your team and car are permitted. How you upgrade your car and team is up to you.
  5.  You can change the weather or the race.
  6. Try to beat 18:30 in your first race.
  7. Become the best you that you can become and conquer your fears in life.

Save Up For Sponsor’s First:

When you first start out they give you 50k and each time you win a race you get around 48k until you get more sponsors. The second sponsor you can get will cost you 100k, which will take 2 races if you place high in each of those 2 races. There is no reason with our help that you shouldn’t place 1st in each of those races even when just starting out. Once you get all of the Sponsors you will earn over 100k if you place first.

Do You Need to Change the Gears?

The answer is no. We did not change the gears whatsoever and we won every single race. However, if you want to experiment with it then let us know your findings in the comments.

Do you Need to Change the Suspension Settings? 

You can still win a lot of races even if you keep your springs to default. However, we lowered our front and back springs to 5 and it appeared to be successful.

Don’t Wreck Being Too Aggressive at the Beginning of a Race:

The likelihood of you starting in the first row is low. Typically you will be in the middle of the pack or not too far off of the leaders. Be patient and look for a safe opening to get on the open track.

You Should Only Pit Twice a Race:

Pitting more than twice is a recipe for disaster. If you want to consistently get 1st place, you want to pit only when you need to and that is usually only 2 times. The A.I. racers pit on average 3 times per race. Picking the right tires for the right track with the weather taken into account is your best option for future success. Make your first set of tires last longer than your 2nd needs to. The 2nd set of tires should put you in a position to be aggressive if you need to be. Don’t be aggressive often and be the guy who is pitting before the others and you get overlapped.

How to Change the Weather of Each Race:

The easiest way to change the weather is to back out to the main menu before starting the race then go back into the race to where you can start picking your tires. If you do this you will see the weather change each time. 

What Tires Should you Start the Race With:

The best tires to start with will depend on the weather as well as what the weather will be like in the future. On average we start with super-soft tires because of what they can provide you at the beginning of the race. If it’s sunny with no rain in sight, then you should always start with super soft tires. Super soft tires will give you more control of what you can accomplish during the race. You can speed up to catch the guy in first place the conserve your tires after you get caught in his/her draft. If it is going to rain for 15 min it might be smart to use soft tires or medium tires then put your driver on aggressive so you get as many laps in as you can before you have to pit. If it is only a 10 min window before the rain comes you will want to choose super soft tires and just hall ass down the track before it rains. You will thank yourself every time you are a lap ahead pitting and putting it on them to catch up with you instead of the other way around.

Drafting Wins you the Race Every time:

If you start the race with super soft tires then put your driving on aggressive and you can basically catch up to anyone. You will want to choose the fastest lane that allows you to get into open space so you can catch the leader. Typically the leader will be a driver on soft or super-soft tires and they will be balanced or aggressive. The goal is to get aggressive, catch up to them, and then once you get into the leader’s draft you will want to switch it to conserve your tires. No need to be on balanced or aggressive driving when you are in the leader’s draft. Even if you are conserving your tires you will still go as fast as the leader allowing him to waste his tires while you conserve your tires and piggyback ride on his speed. The goal is for you to have more tread than the leader while also being right behind the leader. Once his tires get less than 25%  the leader wills start to slow down because they have no tread left and at this point, you will stop drafting and take the lead. Either you get aggressive and pit before they do or you save your tires enough to go 2 or at least 1 more lap than everyone else.

What Should you Spend your Money on After you Purchased all 3 Sponsors?

After your bought all 3 sponsors you will want to start purchasing upgrades for your vehicle “Development of Vehicle” and upgrades the “Development of Equipment”. Worry about upgrading your driver last.

What Driver you Should Save up For?

The driver you should save up for is the best driver the game offers. Which will cost you 100k and his name is F. Carletti.


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