Idle Aquarium Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

August 2, 2021
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1. Keep Your Tanks Clean Or Die

Idle Aquarium Clean Your Tank

Well maybe you won’t die but you will struggle like hell to make money. If your tank is too dirty then you will literally stop making money. As you can see in the photo my money is red and it says $33. Now when the same tank is cleaned the amount jumps up.

Idle Aquarium Tank Cleaned

After the tank is cleaned you can see the amount jump up to $42. Tanks get dirty way too fast in our opinion but as it sits right now this is the case for now. Make sure to stay on top of cleaning your tanks or lose out on a lot of money.

2. What Ads to Watch

First off, we do not suggest watching every single ad due to the fact that you can end up only watching ads which will make the game worthless to play. Most games put many ads in their game to make money and of course, they would love to have a game of ads instead of an actual game.

The best ad to watch is the Sea Gull ad.

Idle aquarium Sea Gull Tank

This ad is the best for making money but it is an ad that you have to click at the right time in order to make the most of it. Get your timing down, once you do then it will become easier.

The next best ad to watch is the x2 ad when your fishing boat comes back.

Idle Aquarium Chest Ad

3. How to Make Money Fast

The fastest way to make money is to realize the Idle aspect of this game which is to allow this game to run on in the background while you do something else. The only issue with this is what we mentioned before and that is when your tanks get dirty they make far less money. One good aspect of waiting is that you will make money at your shop. ‘

4. Fully Upgrade Your Shop.

Upgrading your shop is going to help you make money even when your tanks are dirty. This is a great way to keep your funds going and to make a fair amount of money.

5. Upgrade Based Upon Goals

This game is still in the rally stages of development so there will be bugs. Unfortunately, there is a big bug that if you upgrade too quickly you will not be able to complete the goals of objects you already upgraded. This will likely change over time, however, to make sure you complete the goals and get the rewards you need to wait for the goal to be available then upgrade. This is actually pretty easy to do and important if you want to earn extra money.


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