Idle Restaurant Tycoon Tips, Tricks, and Cheats: Complete Guide

April 29, 2021
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Idle Restaurant Tycoon Tips, Tricks, and Cheats: Complete Guide

April 29, 2021
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Idle Restaurant Tycoon, developed by Kolibri Games, is a restaurant-themed strategy game that is fun, challenging, and unique. Watching your restaurant grow in size and popularity is fun. There is something very satisfying with upgrading every table and section of the restaurant. However, it doesn’t take long until you have beaten a level. And once you have beaten a level with five stars, you can renovate your restaurant to add even more upgrades! Your restaurant is still five-stars but you doubled the size of the restaurant to add more tables, hire more staff, and upgrade everything.

Quick Review:

  • Is Idle Restaurant Tycoon a pay-to-win? No, it is not. With or without real money you can do just about anything someone who pays for perks… Almost anything.
  • Are the ads too overwhelming? No. There is no bombardment with ads as you can choose to watch them if you like for rewards. If you do decide to watch the ads, however, it feels like you do more of that than actually playing the game.
  • Is Idle Restaurant Tycoon tedious? No, not so much. You can expand without waiting for too long unlike Deep Town: Mining Factory, which is a great game as well, nonetheless. Not only that, you can renovate your five-star restaurant to make it larger so that you can add more upgrades and earn even more cash! However, you will be waiting to upgrade any sections. The game does not do a good job at keeping you playing for long. This may be why there are so many ads to watch; not for your benefit, but for the developers.
  • Are there in-app purchases and are they worth it? Yes, there are in-app purchases. Yes and no to is it worth it. If you purchase to remove ads, you will make it easier on yourself by getting rewards instantly instead of having to watch the ads to get rewarded. There are also perks you can get through buying gems for upgrades that require gems; you do not need these upgrades to get 5-stars but you will get a significant increase in profits.

Idle Restaurant Tycoon Tips, Tricks, & Cheats for Advanced Users and Beginners:

What employees should you hire first and when:

Well, this is a loaded question. Depending on the route you take with your upgrades/additions determines who you need to hire. You never want to hire more people than you need, of course. However, you should always revolve around how many tables you have and expand from there. The most important employee to hire first is a waiter and then a chef. Those are the two most important employees in your restaurant in order to expand.

What section upgrades should you focus on first:

The section upgrades are in reference to the kitchen, cleaning, lobby, etc.

  • Everything needs to revolve around the tables. The more tables you have, the more people you can seat, which means more money in your pocket. Upgrade everything else when you have added more tables. You will start out slowly but, as the game goes on, you will be able to upgrade more things more quickly. Focus on bringing more people in and you will be better off.
  • Parking is something you should upgrade depending on the number of tables you have. You want to shoot for one or two fewer parking spots than tables. The reason for this is people do not always drive in to dine. They also walk.
  • The kitchen is something you want to max out as soon as you can. The reason for this is people will pay more for the food at your restaurant.
  • You will also want to first make sure the bathrooms are upgraded to hold the number of people going in. Then, focus on upgrading it to the max. This ensures that you will not miss out on any paying customers.

How to make money the quickest way:

When starting out, profits barely trickle in. Eventually, it gets a lot more bearable. There are many ways you can make money along with several different routes you can take. However, we will show you one route we took. You may have a method that works for you. Nonetheless, knowledge is power.

  • 2x: You need to activate the 2x to make double the money. You also have to make sure the 2x is active when you watch an ad from a Food Influencer so you can get 2x the profits from them. Also to keep in mind, no matter what ad you watch for whatever perk, your 2x time will continue to count down during the entire duration of the ad, so exit out when it is done.
  • Food Influencers: This is a great opportunity to increase your profits as well as getting quick extra cash. The money you get from the Food Influencer is all dependent on your profits. It ends up being around 50-60% of your profits.
  • Marketing Campaigns: In the beginning, we have noticed that your profits increase by around $500 or so when marketing on the radio. Skip the newspaper and give the radio a try. Once your restaurant/parking is just about maxed out then it would be wise to switch to the internet.
  • Upgrades: Check out our upgrades above.

How to get 5 stars in every restaurant:

Since the bar on the top right of the screen below the five stars moves very slowly you may be wondering how in the world could you ever get 5 stars in any restaurant. Well, first of all, I am happy to inform you that you do not have to pay a dime out of your own pocket even if you are a big spender in support of the developers (or you just hate watching ads and want to spiffy up the place).

All you have to do is upgrade everything to their max level; this excludes any upgrades that require gems. Upgrades that require gems are purely optional and will not count towards the restaurant’s rating, only your profits. And when I say everything I mean everything. All of the tables and sections of the restaurant have to be fully upgraded. Easy peezy lemon squeezy… Your time is all it takes… And our tips.

When first starting out you will become a cleaner:

When you first start any level there will only be one cleaner hired and he/she will not be able to clean up before the guests arrive. Do not hire another cleaner as that would go against you in profits, of course. Instead, watch the 30-second ad to help the cleaner finish their job. This will ensure that you will be open for business right away.

You have to keep in mind that your cleaners will only work until 1100 A.M. So if you have one cleaner, haven’t upgraded the cleaning room at all, and have 5 or more tables then there will be a dirty table by the time 11 comes around. This means you will have one less table. Make sure you hire enough cleaning staff to clean all of the tables by 11 A.M.

Why guests get angry:

Guests get angry because they have to wait too long to go to the bathroom, grab a drink at the bar, etc. Even when your restaurant is completely upgraded to the teeth guests will still have to wait, get angry, then leave. It’s the circle of Idle Restaurant and there is nothing you can do about it. It may reflect real life in regards to patience.


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