Idle Tap Zoo Tips, Tricks, and Cheats – Complete Guide

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Idle Tap Zoo Tips, Tricks, and Cheats – Complete Guide

T4G Quick Review:
Idle Tap Zoo is an amazingly simple zoo game that really is not so much about the animals as it is running an idle business. The graphics will not blow you away nor will you even get joy out of looking at the animals. They just bounce around and sometimes they escape and bounce around out there. There are ads to watch of course, just like every other Ide game. If you do it properly you can get massive rewards out of it and build your Zoo up quickly. All the hoopla aside this is a decent Idle game to play. They have challenges that are fun to participate in and are decently challenging.

How to Grow Your Zoo Quickly in Idle Tap Zoo and Win the Challenges:
To grow quickly you must get good about how you spend your money and how you watch ads. The ad rewards that you get are dependent on the top animal that you have in your zoo. They will give you slightly more than what it would cost to buy 10 of your top animals. After you watch an ad buy 10 of your top animals and if you are just starting out you will have to spend money on their Birth Rate Up and Death Rate Down to keep them alive.

Instead of spending mounds of money on their Birth Rate Up and their Birth Rate Down what you should do is watch ads and save up enough money to buy the asked amount of animals to move onto the next one and have the money save up that is required to purchase the upgrade. After you unlocked the next animal if your animal that you just bought to reach the upgrade death rate is higher than its birth rate then you should sell off all the animals that you just bought. You will lose money temporarily doing this but gain money in the long run by increasing your ad rewards from upgrading to a new animal. I had over 10 animals unlocked and didn’t have a single one of them because I sold them all to gain the rewards.

Eventually, in time you will not have to sell off your animals because your statues and animals will be upgraded enough. If you continue this process you will eventually get massive rewards for watching ads. Once your ad reward goes up to around 10 million dollars you will then want to go back and upgrade the animals and your zoo. Then go back to working the ads and getting them to go higher. Do not waste your time watching ads and wasting the money on useless stuff until you are already rich.

How to Get Rare Animals and Upgrade Them:
To get Rare animals in Idle Tap Zoo you need to earn fossils. To earn fossils you must sell your Zoo. The more your Zoo is worth the more you will get. To see how much your Zoo is worth just click on the far right tab down below and click “Sell Zoo”. A screen will pop up and it will show your Zoo’s value. You can click out of this screen without selling your Zoo. I never made the mistake of selling my Zoo, so I do not expect you to either. However, there is always one.

What Should you Spend Your Gems On?
Gems are a sacred beast that you should cherish with your very soul. That is a joke, they are not that amazing, but they do get you some cool extras. There are a couple of ways that you can spend your gems, you can waste them like I first did, or you can invest them for the future.

Wasting them would be spending them on things that do not last. That would be like time warps and all that jazz. Those things are great while they last but, in the future, you will be presented with the opportunity to use those gems to invest in your animals. Those upgrades will increase breeding rating and they will more valuable.

How and What Statues to Upgrade First:
The ability to upgrade a statue comes after you watch an ad, or they gift you gems or money. Upgrading statues increases the mating rate of that select group of animals. Upgrade your Outback first because those animals cost the most to upgrade so upgrading that statue first is helpful in the long run.

Watch the Mating Boost Video:
Always watch the Mating Boost video because it gives you x1.3 mating of your animals for 1 hour. This is always a nice boost to have and sometimes the ads are like 5 seconds long. Since I said that, and you read it will probably change and now you will have to watch a 5-minute ad…

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