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We are going to be running a Madden 22 simulation to see what NFL team’s records would look like if Patrick Mahomes was on their team.

So many times we talk about a team only needing a QB to succeed. What if this QB or that QB was on their team?

We are going to put that to the test and see where they end up and see if they can go all the way and win the Super Bowl? We are going to be testing different teams around the league that we believe are just a QB away.

Video Tutorial:

Colts (13-4):

Under Patrick Mahomes, the colts went 13-4 and claimed the 1st seed in the AFC conference. While the Chiefs ended up making it the 4th seed with Carson Wentz.

Patrick Mahomes Colts Stats:

Yards 4,747, 46 TDs, and only 12 INT.

Carson Wentz had 5,068 yards, 29 TDs, and 14 INTs.

Yearly Awards:

Mahomes on MVP and Offensive Player of the Year.

How did it End?
The Colts went all the way to the AFC Championship game and lost to the… Chiefs of all teams. The Chiefs moved on to play the Packers in the Super Bowl and lost.

The Colts turned from a good team to a great team with Mahomes at the wheel.

Browns (14-3):

Interestingly enough the Bengals ended up going 15-2 and clinching the 1st-round bye. The Browns were seeded at 5th. The Chiefs placed 3rd in the AFC with Baker Mayfield.

Patrick Mahomes Browns Stats:

Yards 4,803, TDs 45, INTs 13.

Baker Mayfield threw for 5,273 yards 38 TDs with only 13 INTs and placed the Chiefs in the 3rd seed in the AFC.

Yearly Awards:

Patrick Mahomes did win the Best QB award, however, neither he nor Baker got MVP or Offensive Player of the Year.

How did it End?

The Chiefs won in the Wild Card round then lost in the Divisional round to the Patriots. The Browns made it to the Super Bowl and beat the Dallas Cowboys 38 to 28 to win the ring.

Mahomes was MVP of the Super Bowl.

49ers (11-6):

The 49ers went 11-6 making them #1 in their division. They were the 3rd seed and the Chiefs were the 6th seed with Jimmy G.

Patrick Mahomes 49ers Stats:

3,849 yards, 39 TDs, and 10 INTs.

Jimmy G had 4,780 yards, 35 TDs, and 15 INTs.

Yearly Awards:


How did it End?

The Chiefs ended up losing in the Wild Card to the Raiders 42 to 31. The 49ers went all the way to face the Bucs in the NFC Championship round and lost 24 to 14.

The Bucs lost to the Raiders in the Super Bowl 19 to 16.

Titans (11-6):

The Titans ended with the 3rd seed in the AFC and the Chiefs were the 2nd seed with Tannehill.

Patrick Mahomes Titans Stats:

4,858 yards, 30 TDs, and 13 INTs.

Ryan Tannehill had 4,555 yards, 33 TDs, and 18 INTs.

Yearly Awards:


How did it End?

The Chiefs with Tannehill lost in the Wild Card round against the Ravens 28 to 21. The Titans made it all the way to the Super Bowl and won against the Packers 52 to 29.


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