Is a Powerback or Elusive Back Better in Madden 23?

December 12, 2022
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Is a Powerback or Elusive Back Better in Madden 23?

December 12, 2022
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In this Madden 23 gameplay tips for simulation and user-play article, we discuss which is better between power backs and elusive backs.

We will show you why one is better than the other and combine our best playbooks and schemes for Madden 23.

We tested different style halfbacks in the same environment to see for ourselves which is better.

Finding the best halfback for your team is imperative to get correct. The best HB changes whether or not you are in a user-play league or simulation league.

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Video Tutorial

If you’d prefer the written instructions you can keep reading.

The Best HB Archetypes for User Play:

No matter what the year of the Madden game that you are playing, speed is going to always be a major benefit. Winning a foot race is much harder to do than it is to juke a player out or break a tackle.

Speed is one of the hardest attributes to upgrade while upgrading a player’s “Break Tackle” is much more feasible. It still won’t be easy, however, trying to upgrade a player’s speed by 5 points compared to his break tackle is night and day.

Madden is getting slower and slower as the years progress, this even includes turning down the “Speed Threshold” sliders to 0. It is the sad fact of what we are facing as a community, they want everyone to play the game, and slowing it down is their best way at accomplishing that.

That is why we recommend either a balanced HB or a true burner at the tailback position. More WRs are moving from WR to HB or at least being a flex position in the league.

This isn’t a philosophy that is going to slow down anytime soon, it is likely going to speed up in the next five or ten years. Speed is feared by all, big bruisers are more of an annoyance.

The only thing that you have to take into consideration is your runningbacks COD rating. There could be plenty of fast players that can play Hb but if they do not have an almost 90 COD rating then they won’t be worth much.

The other thing that we recommend is to watch out for his Injury and Stamina rating. If they aren’t in the upper 80s then you will want to be careful running him 30 times a game.

Also, good agility means more in this Madden than it has in years past. Blockers seem to be getting worse as the years go on so solid agility is very important.

The Best HB Archetype for Simulation Leagues:

In a simulation league, the game is in its basic form. A running back does not have true “ball carry vision”, he has a run straight philosophy, and sometimes he will turn left or right.

The running backs in simulation love to run into massive piles of men even when there is a huge hole two steps to the left or right screaming his name. The name of the game is easy, if my running back is going to run straight into a meat pile I want him to break the first tackle that comes his way.

Power backs with speed are the kings of simulation. We have been testing them more and more, and the results are clear. Especially in “Slow Sim”, they will make the opposing defenses have a hell of a day trying to stop them.

If you can find one that can catch as well then you struck gold. This does not mean you have to change your scheme either from a “Vertical Zone Run” if you have “The Final Piece” head coach upgrade. “All players on your team count as Scheme Fits during training.”

However, you can change it to “Vertical Power Run” if you would like and it will still work masterfully with our Best Playbooks and Schemes for Madden 23. The only thing that it changes is the running back from an Elusive Back to a Power Back and it changes the right tackle from Agile to Pass Blocking.

The offense will still run the exact same.

Now, we aren’t talking about a big slow power back either. The goal is 90 plus speed still which we know sounds hard but if you follow our How to Scout and Draft X-Factor Superstars in Madden 23 you will be fine.

COD is not going to be something that you have to rely heavily on either because even if your back had it the chances of him actually using it are slim. The other great part about getting a good power back is the fact that the CPU won’t change him in the power back depth chart for someone else.

If he has any hands he could be a true all-down back which is going to give him more XP in the future because he will get more reps. Make sure that you don’t have tunnel vision in the draft as well and only look for power backs because there are elusive backs listed as their archetype but they are only 1 point off of a Power back.

Anyways, enjoy the glory, and become your best self.


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