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Light A Way

New Dresses and a Staff rack for easy access to powers!

Appxplore has been actively adding new updates to their latest game Light A Way and new features have been added in the form of content and quality of life improvements!

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New dress missions have appeared allowing the Guardian of Light to obtain a fancy collection of dresses and accessories which she can change into at any time. Each part can be obtained by completing simple missions and provides additional bonuses from Aerolite gain, Charge Flare, Stardust and more! A new dress or accessory can be earned every 7 days and with each bonus adding to the total.

A new Staff rack feature has been added to the game that now allows the guardian to swap out her different staffs instantly! This is a welcome change for those who want to quickly change their strongest staffs when they need it.

Get your new dress today in Light A Way and restore light to the world in style!

Light A Way iOS

Light A Way Android

About Appxplore
Appxplore Sdn. Bhd. (“Appxplore”) is one of Southeast Asia’s leading mobile game development studios armed with highly-skilled talents in providing original, premium-quality smartphone games. Based in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Appxplore is one of a rare handful of games studios that have generated more than 18 million downloads on a successive series of smartphone games published globally. Appxplore’s team comprises a stellar combination of artists and developers, backed by an experienced management team. Appxlore is a studio member of iCandy Interactive Limited.
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About iCandy
iCandy Interactive Ltd (“iCandy) is an Australian incorporated public company that has its core business in the development and publishing of smartphone games on popular smartphone OS.
iCandy’s run multiple subsidiary games studios in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, including the famed award-winning games studios Appxplore. iCandy is one of the leading mobile games companies in Southeast Asia with more than 18 million copies of its games titles downloaded onto smartphones. It focusses on the genre of “mid-core” action-influenced puzzle games.
Almost all of iCandy’s games titles have been featured by either the Apple IOS Appstore or Google Android Play. It’s recent titles such as Mobfish Hunter and Crab War have been named as recommended Best New Games across 15 countries in North America and Australasia. For more info, visit

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