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Little Big Snake (LBS), Tips, Tricks, and Cheats.

Little Big Snake Review

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Little Big Snake is refreshingly amazing! One of the greatest multiplayer player mobile games of all time.



Best way to get Legendary and Epic Skins in Little Big Snake:
How do you get skins in the first place? Skins are earned through XP or you can buy them using rubies. When you earn XP on certain skins, they become cheaper to buy. Eventually, they will be gifted to you when you earn the amount of XP needed so you do not have to always buy them. The top three skins to have in the game are the Legendary, Epic, and the Rare skins. Another way to earn them is through a slot machine that will give you a random skin for 99 rubies. Which can be great, or you can be wasting 99 rubies because some skins you get are not worth it. They could be unlocked, and you save the 99 rubies for harder targets.

Best way to get all the skins. If you plan to buy skins, you will want to buy the 50-dollar package. It is the best deal for the price. If you do not plan to buy skins with real cash that you could invest instead or save up to use for a future billion-dollar company that you create. Then you need to think of the long game because it will take time to get the Legendary skins. The cost of Legendary skins is 9999 rubies which are a pretty penny. Epic skins are the first skins that you want to go after they cost around 400 rubies before turning your attention to Legendary skins.

The standard skins you will want to get from just playing the game. They just are not worth buying unless you are gitty over the moon for a certain skin. “Play” mode is the easiest mode to play if you are a mobile user because you only play bots. Play with friends is bots and other users so people will eventually hunt you when you get big. Bots will just try and eat while they avoid everything. Save your rubies to unlock all of the Epic skins first then you can turn your attention to rare skins. Once you start getting a lot of skins you will then want to use the Slot Machine for 99 rubies. Eventually, you will unlock legendary skins through the slot machine, and it will cost you a lot less. We will there was a faster option but there is not.

Nowadays, a lot more people don’t have a lot of patience, especially when it comes to getting in the top 10, top 5, or the number 1 spot. You want to get there as quickly as you can and that is understandable. However, one of the key factors is patience!

If there is a kill your instincts are to immediately gobble up as much nectar as you can. Sometimes that comes at the price of your life, however. You need to be aware of what could be outside of your viewport as well as your surroundings. If there is a busy section and the nectar leads there where you could potentially get trapped then just leave it alone. The risk sure isn’t worth the reward. Gather up as much nectar as you can and leave the rest alone. Patience is key in survival in most situations including real-life.

Knowing what’s beyond your viewport is a bit tricky. This is especially so if you are in the water. You go exponentially faster when in the water and the odds of running into an enemy increases. Nonetheless, there is a way to follow the enemy’s movements… Nametags. The Nametag always indicates where the head is so watch carefully in order to plan an attack or to prevent an attack.

You can see the name down below at the bottom of the screen “Munayki”. At the bottom left of the screen you can see the tail (red &yellow). From this I know exactly what direction they are going and exactly where the head is.

If a player is within a certain distance from you, their name will be shown somewhere on the edge of your screen. Follow or evade that to accomplish your objective. Keep in mind, however, that their body could be present and you could run into that.

Use the River Highways:
Rivers are your highways to getting all around the map as quickly as possible, you can get to both exits, and even get there quicker than by land. If someone is chasing you make sure to zig-zag slightly because you do not want them to fit in the river next to you. The one who is in the water is the fastest so try and take up as much room as possible while in the river, so the enemy has to either pull off or crash into your body as they are chasing you.

How to go Really Fast in Little Big Snake:

To go Extremely fast in Little Big Snake you need to go to the water and use the speed boost while in the water. Spin in tightly wound circles a few times right when you reach the water and that you get your speed up. After you do that you can go on land much faster than at regular speed. Just note that when you let go of the speed boost button you will lose that speed boost you got from the water so either hold onto the entire time while not crashing or stay close to the river.

Use Your Mini Map to Alert you for Enemies:

The players with the most crowns show up on your mini-map in the bottom corner of your screen. Chances are the big ones coming right at you are not bots coming to say hello. It is a demon user that is going to try and kill you forever… at least until you restart the game and get a new life. So be mindful of the map, you can avoid users and just kill a bunch of bots because you know to stay away from certain areas.

How to Get Huge in Little Big Snakes: 
The biggest way to get big quickly in LBS is to get good at killing bots. Trying to go after all users is a waste of time. Bots are easy to kill and when you get good at killing them quickly you can maximize growth. I never shy away from a user when I see one, but I target bots much more because of how easy they are to kill. Make things easy on yourself, look at your mini-map and look for where all the big crown guys are. Chances are those are users so you should go where they are not and kill off a bunch of bots.

Go to the Exit When you are on your 2nd Life:

There is no reason to not get the 50% bonus that you get when you go to one of the exits on either side of the map. The bonus is too good to pass up so instead of playing with fire and losing out on that 50% bonus you should be heading to one of the exits when you are big and only have one life left. Double before you lose it.

Click on the Observe Mode When You First Play the Game:
This is an easy way to see how the game is played and our tips will make a little more sense to you. Being able to see others play the game will show you how the movements work so you have an idea of what to work towards. It is just something you should be doing.

Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast:
Just keep working on getting comfortable with the controls and the game movement. The more you get comfortable with the controls the more you can add speed to your game which will make you better. Do not try to be a speed demon out of the gate and always get killed.

How to Kill Enemy Snakes in Little Big Snake:

  1. Playing Strategies
    There is a big difference in how you would play if there were other people playing with you compared to playing by yourself. Playing against just bots is what you do in the “Play” mode for those of you who are mobile users. Against bots, you can be way more aggressive. In “Play with Friends” you play with bots and users so if you are alone you will want to play more of a defensive style with a precisely needed offense when need be. If you are with multiple friends, you can be more aggressive if you are good at the controls because you have the numbers.
  2. Read the Situation:
    If you do not believe you are in a good spot while in a situation with other users then pull off and play defense. Speed comes with talent; talent comes with learning your craft at the pace needed for you. If you see rocks coming up try and use the rocks as a weapon as well as your body. Use other snakes as well while you are trying to keep them in a more awkward spot than you are. The goal is not to be perfect but strategic. Do not just race in to kill a user and get killed because of it, have patience and let things play out. Eventually, you will see the perfect time to cut them off or make them nervous enough to crash.
  3. Get Good at Bot-Killing:
    Bot killing is what is going to make you the biggest so get good at killing bots quickly. When you are bot-killing you are vulnerable to attack, especially if you are encircling one. The longer you take to kill a bot the more vulnerable you become to getting attacked by another user. Try and slither next to a bot and get good at turning into their head killing them instantly. This is the fastest way to grow.
  4. How to get out of a Snake Surrounding Your Snake:
    Always be on the lookout for other snakes trying to take advantage of you encircling another snake. The easiest way to get out of it is to head toward the enemy’s tail. It is highly likely that you can reach the end of their tail before they can. The last thing that you want to do is to try and swim with their head because they will have more control of you.

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