Madden 20 X-Factor List: All Players and Abilities

Madden 20 X-Factor List

Madden 20 is about to release on August 2nd and EA has come out with the new X-Factor. Electronic Art's (EA) new Madden 20 X-Factor list is pretty interesting. Maybe EA will add more players during the regular season? Maybe they will take some away? Anyways, all of the players below are X-Factors and will receive special abilities once they reach a certain goal. You can think of it as a serious boost in confidence. I'm not cocky, just confident. We grouped each position together and the name of their X-Factor will be listed in parenthesis to the right of their name.

Quarter Back:

  • Patrick Mahomes (Bazooka)
  • Tom Brady (Pro Reads)
  • Philip Rivers (Fearless)
  • Ander Luck (Pro Reads)
  • Drew Brees (Fearless)
  • Russell Wilson (Blitz Radar)
  • Aaron Rodgers (Gambler)
  • Ben Roethlisberger (Pro Reads)
  • Cam Newton (Freight Train)


Todd Gurley II (First One Free)
Ezekiel Elliott (First One Free)
Melvin Gordon III (First One Free)
Le'Veon Bell (First One Free)
Saquon Barkley (First One Free)
Christian McCaffrey (Satellite)
Alvin Kamara (Satellite)

Wide Receiver:

DeAndre Hopkins (Double Me)
Julio Jones (Double Me)
Antonio Brown (Rac'Em Up)
Odell Beckham Jr (Rac'Em Up)
Micheal Thomas (Double Me)
Adam Thielen (Double Me)
Mike Evans (Double Me)
A.J Green (Double Me)
JuJu Smith-Schuster (Rac'Em Up)

Tight End:

Travis Kelce (Double Me)
Zach Ertz (Max Security)
George Kittle (Rac'Em Up)

Left End:

J.J Watt (Fearmonger)
Calais Campbell (Unstoppable Force)
Cameron Jordan (Unstoppable Force)
DeMarcus Lawrence (Unstoppable Force)
Joey Bosa (Unstoppable Force)

Right End:

Aaron Donald (Fearmonger)
Myles Garrett (Unstoppable Force)

Defensive Tackle:

Fletcher Cox (Fearmonger)
Geno Atkins (Unstoppable Force)

Left Outside Linebacker:

Khalil Mack (Unstoppable Force)
Von Miller (Fearmonger)

Middle Linebacker:

Bobby Wagner (Shutdown)
Luke Kuechly (Shutdown)


Jalen Ramsey (Shutdown)
Stephon Gilmore (Shutdown)
Richard Sherman (Shutdown)
Byron Jones (Shutdown)
Chris Harris Jr. (Shutdown)

Free Safety:

Earl Thomas III (Zone Hawk)
Eddie Jackson (Zone Hawk)

Strong Safety:

Harrison Smith (Reinforcement)
Derwin James (Reinforcement)


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