Madden 21 Coach Mode Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

July 26, 2021
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Madden 21 Coach Mode Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

July 26, 2021
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This is a complete guide to your Madden 21 Coach Mode/Madden 21 Head Coach Mode journey (whatever you want to call it). This also pertains to Madden 21 PC Coach Mode too. Think of this as a master class. This is for beginners all the way to veteran players. Take in the information on this topic and morph it into what you think is going to be best for your franchise. Every single franchise is different. Every gameplay is different. You may be a user-play person or a simulation person. Either way, we have you covered to make your franchise excel like you’ve never excelled before.

Madden 21 Best Coach Upgrades to Get and Why:

XP is not the easiest thing to obtain, so you will need to understand how to utilize these packages to the best of your ability. This will guide you to fill in the gaps for your style of gameplay.

  • The very first purchase upgrade you should get is the “Increased Player Weekly Goal XP” under the ‘Player Progression’ tab.
  • If you are a huge drafter then we recommend that you get the “Expert Scouting” package under the ‘Player Acquisition’ tab AFTER you get the very first package we recommend.
  • After you finish the above two coach upgrades, head back to the ‘Player Progression‘ tab because that is where the money is made. Keep reading to find out about what training boost packages you should jump on.
  • Now that you are on the ‘Player Progression’ tab, you will now want to look into any of the player training boost packages. If you user-play, this is what you want to consider unlocking first with some exceptions. For example, if you play QB and have used one of our best sleeper QB suggestions in our players to trade for in order to give yourself more of a challenge, your QB will have a lower overall. We would recommend that you purchase the “QB Training Boost” package. This is the same for any other position you may play more dominantly. In contrast, if you user-play QB and you have a stout QB like Patrick Mahomes or a QB 90+ overall, then we would not recommend getting this package. The same goes for any other position. Spend your XP somewhere you are lacking most.
  • Diving deeper into the player training boost packages: you will want to take into consideration your skill level. Let’s say you can rush for 200+ yards in a game but you have a lower overall HB, we would not recommend the RB Training Boost package until the very end. The reason is that you will be able to gain enough XP to get your HB to that next-level. So focus more on other positions that are lacking in overall and XP. Only at the very end will you then choose the RB Training Boost package.
  • If you are just not getting a lot of yardage for your receivers and TEs then look to get that WR/TE Training Boost package early on. If you do not show your receivers love then show them love in some other way. What better way than to give them a present of an XP training boost.
  • You will also want to give your offensive line some love with the OL Training Boost package. This is money well spent if your O-line is just not very good or young and you want to build them up, so jump on this right away. If you have a stacked O-line then figure out elsewhere to spend that XP, such as the package below.
  • There are certain positions that just don’t get the XP they should. This is where XP sliders come into play. We are going to be creating our realistic XP sliders soon, so keep on a lookout for that. One other position that just doesn’t get much love in the XP department is DT. So look into getting that DL Training Boost package early on.
  • For linebackers (LBs) and deep backs (DBs), you will want to go off of what kind of plays are you running. If you are blitzing all of the time and your LBs are getting a lot of sacks then you the LB Training Boost package just dropped on the list in priority. If your DBs are not getting a lot of interceptions then you will want to get the DB Training Boost package. Where your team is lacking is where you will need to focus on to get that balance.

Madden 21 Coach Upgrades for Competitive Franchises:

The ‘Player Acquisition’ tab is pretty important for a multiple-user league. For example, other users are much more aggressive when it comes to the free agency signing period. They will fork out many more points than the CPU would ever commit to. Let’s say you just lost your star linebacker and you need to sign one in the free agency signing period. Well, you should get the LB Free Agency Influence package before the free agency signing period starts. All in all, you need to focus on getting a free agency influence package that is going to benefit you when the time comes. If you have a star QB and get the QB Free Agency Influence package, then you did not spend your XP wisely.

Madden 21 Coach Upgrades to Avoid Getting:

  1. The Master Trade Negotiator – We have run tests on this package and concluded that it does not work. You will be wasting your valuable XP on this package.
  2. Overall, the purchase upgrades via the ‘Player Retention’ tab is something you should completely avoid, at least until the very end of spending your XP on all of the other more important packages.
  3. The QB Retirement Influence package via the ‘Player Retention’ tab is something you should avoid. There has been no evidence that this package actually works.
  4. The ‘Player Retention’ tab is the last tab you should focus on. When you do focus on this tab, we recommend the QB Re-Sign Influence package followed by the other re-sign influence packages. Those will provide you with the most benefits out of that tab. A huge reason you would commit to the re-sign packages last is that we show you so many different ways to sign players to dirt cheap. Check out our Madden 21 Contract Tips, Tricks, and Cheats for more information.

A keynote you need to take away from this is where is your team lacking in XP from the most to the least. You have to be aware of what position or positions you are just not getting enough XP at and then you need to make the decision where to spend your XP on the position training boosts. Know where your weaknesses are. You are the one who knows your team best. Also, take into consideration what kind of plays you are running. What positions are benefitting the most and what positions are benefitting the least from your offensive and defensive play calls. You can then make an educated decision to where you need to focus on XP growth. There is not a one-size-fits-all type of scenario. We give you our insight and the tools so that you can have the knowledge and skill to make what were tough decisions, easy.


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