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Madden 21 Contract Reset Technique
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You will Save Millions with this Best Madden 21 Contract Tip!

We are going to go over our signature Madden 21 Contract Reset Technique in this Madden 21 Contract Tips article. The Madden NFL Team has not changed much in Madden 21 in comparison to Madden 20. The contract reset technique still works and it will save you millions of dollars in your Madden 21 franchise. Not only will you save millions but you will be able to keep all of your star players without breaking a financial sweat. The Mahomes monster contract is no more with this technique nor will you have to worry about signing a contract that large. Madden 21 won’t allow you to go that high anyway.

How do You do the Madden 21 Contract Reset Technique?

Make sure to follow all of these instructions before attempting this technique. You will lose your player, otherwise. We will go into as much detail as needed to get this process correct.

Firstly, your season needs to end before you can even start this process otherwise, it will not work. Your season ends when you finished playing your last game. Your last game could be week 17 or anywhere in the playoffs. If you make it to the Super Bowl then congratulations! Your season has not ended until you finish playing the Super Bowl. Not to beat a dead horse but the same thing applies to any other game before the Super Bowl. You do not have to win or lose either.

Now, no matter when you finished your last game, in order to play it 100% safe you must be in Super Bowl week. If you are not in the Super Bowl, you can start this process immediately. If you are in the Super Bowl, play your game and then start this process. Whatever you do, DO NOT sim past the Super Bowl or else you will have missed your chance and you will lose your player(s).

After following all of the steps above, you are then going to release your player(s) to the free agency and then pick them back up right away. This will reset their contract for the next year. If you go to your negotiations and see that the player(s) you released and picked back up have a locked insignia then you did this correctly. Your player(s) are on your team for another year at the price you picked them up for. You can do this every year until they retire! Another thing to notate is they will have no signing bonus. This means you can trade them away free of charge.

We hope this was clear and precise! If you have any questions then please ask us in the comments below and we will help the best we can.

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