Madden 22: How to Get Injured Players off Your Team

December 22, 2021
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Madden 22: How to Get Injured Players off Your Team

December 22, 2021
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Regardless of if you just started a new franchise or you are 8000 years into the future with your current team, injures can be a pain. If a player is injured in the last year of his contract that can make things pretty hard on your team.

A good rule of thumb for most players on the last year of their contract is to trade him if he isn’t absolutely necessary to win a championship that year. Unfortunately, this year there are a lot more injures than normal.

There is no option to release them when they are injured. However, there are other options that you can do to get them off of your team.

What you are going to do is go to “Manage Roster”, from there you are going to click “NFL Rosters”, this is going to bring you to your current team.

Make sure you have a list or mental note of all the players that you want to get off your team that are injured. This method will even work for players that are currently on the IR.

Once you are in the “Manage Roster” and can view your entire team, you will want to click on a player that is not injured. Once you do that choose a random players that is not injured and click on “Trade Player”.

It will bring you to the trade menu, from there you will want remove the player that you chose to trade away and replace him with a whoever is injured that you want to trade away. Now you will be able to trade away all the injured players on your team.

It is probably wise to trade them away for a draft pick like a 7th round pick if they are not high overalls. If they are high overalls just try and get something a value that is worth it. Just make sure that you do not trade an injured player for another injured player.


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