Madden 22 Player Regression: Positions Hit The Hardest

February 2, 2022
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Madden 22 Player Regression: Positions Hit The Hardest

February 2, 2022
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Madden 22 player regression creeps up on you and it creeps up quickly. That said, what are the positions that get hit hardest by regression?

We are going to answer that question in this article. If you have any questions about this please let us know in the comments below and we will get back to you.

This list is probably bigger than you think.

Video Tutorial:

If you’d prefer the written instructions you can keep reading.

It might be time that EA needs to start thinking about adding a regression trait or an ability that few players get to where they last as long as Frank Gore for example. There is very little variety in Madden when it comes to players lasting while others do not.

Understanding Regression

When it comes to regression, it is a very basic premise; most players regress in their early 30s, and some regress in their late 20s. Very few hold onto their overalls when they are 8 to 9 years into the league and it becomes a fight to keep them at their overall.

It is easier to talk about positions that do not get hit as hard as the ones that do but that isn’t the end of the story for regression.

QB and lineman—both offensive and defensive—tend to last longer than the other positions but it is not always accurate for every player.

The only players that truly fight off regression the best are the ones that stack the deck. What we mean by that is they get hit by regression just like any other player but you will not notice the impact as great.

These players are the ones that have very high overalls and have a high development, such as a Superstar or X-Factor.

Another Aspect: On-Field Production

The other aspect that plays a part in regression is on-field production.

If you have an 85 overall player hit regression and drop to an 80 overall, his on-field production can drop drastically.

However, if you have a 99 overall player drop to a 90 overall—which is a higher drop than the 5 points for the 85 overall player—the 90 overall player will still have much better on-field production.

Why is this important? The minute on-field production ends, is the minute regression officially won and the player’s career is now over. If a player can still have solid on-field production they can still gain XP throughout the year to combat the regression.

So, if you are making a decision to sign an older player you need to take all these things into consideration. Consider their potential on-field production along with their overall and development; if it isn’t there, you will waste money 100% of the time.

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