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July 21, 2022
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EA is overhauling their franchise mode for Madden 23, which would have been nice of them to do $500 dollars ago. One big aspect that they changed is Player Motivations.

Player Motivations are for signing a player, particularly in the free agency period in the offseason. This opens up so many opportunities to bring on players to your team by using different strategies and also having luck on your side.

We are going to be breaking all of the player motivations and what to expect in Madden 23 with these player motivations.

How are we Going to see Madden 23 Change With These Player Motivations Compared to Previous Maddens?

Well first off, if we were on Maddens development team we would say that they are going in the right direction with these new Player Motivations. This is the future of football gaming.

The only thing that we are concerned about it how they will grade these player motivations. For example, we wonder how they are going to grade the “Super Bowl Chase” Motivation.

Are they going to be grading off of a teams overall, last years record, or both? The last years record is a shaky one because a team can lose a lot of their players and they end up being a completely different team.

Going off the overall would be a smarter and more realistic move, however, EA did not release these details. Rest assured we will find them when the game releases.

One thing our company is good at, is breaking down how games work and this years Madden won’t be any different.

Madden 23 will now Have Three Main Player Motivations for Each Player:

These top three Motivations will be presented to you and the more you meet those expectations the greater the chance you will have of signing him. Just because you only see three player motivations will not mean that there is not other motivations that you cannot see that will also help you sign him.

Madden 23 is going to be Madden 22 with more flair to it. Madden 22 was based upon a point system and Madden 23 will be the exact same. The only difference is the point system for Madden 22 was based upon the contact only.

The point system now will be much more strategic and immersive experience, but, it will still have the contract play a very big part. In previous Maddens you would have to construct a contract to fit a player based upon, his age, development, overall, and how many teams are bidding on said player.

If it was a young player with no other bids than the player responded well to a contract with more years added on compared to the salary and signing bonus. If it was an elite player we would go after guaranteed money more than anything else.

If any of the players had no bids we could cut down our points by 20% and still be in a great spot to sign a player. It will still be similar but with a twist this year.

Now they have templates that you can use and modify which we may use or they may end up being a waste of time. This is going to be the most exciting Madden free agency signing period that we have seen in a very long time.

Madden 23 Player Motivations list:

  • “Close to Home”. Apparently Jarvis Landry signed with the Saints because he wanted to be closer to home which is Louisiana so EA gave him this motivation. If you are not close to a players home and he has this motivation it isn’t a done deal so do not freak out.
  • “Super Bowl Chase”. Like we mentioned previously, we wonder exactly how they are going to grade this for your team.
  • “Team has a Franchise QB”. This one we are extremely excited about. There is a lot of great opportunity here that we will go over during Madden 23’s release.
  • “Scheme Fit”. Another great one that excites us. This could be almost hilarious in many regards.
  • “Mentor At Position”. This motivation likely will not be one of the top motivations that players have but it will be good to see if the player you are going after has this.
  • “Highest Offer”. This is what is sounds like which is the one who shows up with the most amount of money walks away with the player. Or do they? We will see exactly how effective this actually is.
  • “Top of the Depth Chart”. Another great one that we are so happy that Madden put as a motivation.
  • “Big Market”. This is a big motivation for a lot of players in real life so we will see how how many players have this motivation. As an owner are you able to bring the big city to you and become the most popular team by winning a lot? Will it be more about your brand or just how big the city next to you is?
  • “Warm Weather State”. Unfortunately you cannot do much about this one.
  • “Historic Champions”. This one is just the luck of your football ancestors before you but you can change this overtime. The more you win overtime the better the chance you will have to sign a player with this motivation.
  • “No Income Tax”. This is becoming a bigger and bigger thing. States like California tax their people insanely high so there are more and more players that do not want to play for teams in those states.

The goal to signing players this year is to pad the stats then put forth the best contract offer for the individual player. We will go over it more in the future when we release our tips but this is going to be very exciting.


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