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This will be a list of all Madden 23 relocation Teams with photos of every logo and uniform. Madden 23 new uniforms are coming in the near future, which means we will be updating this Madden 23 relocation cities article as soon as it is released.

The whole process of relocation is just about the same as the previous Madden’s. There is very little transparency; once you choose a location, logo, or uniform, you will not be able to go back and change it.

Even if you relocated your team and accidentally skipped one of the weeks allowing you to pick your team, city, etc., you will not be able to change it or go back.

This is why it is imperative that you are 100% sure of everything you choose. We went out of our way to create this list so you can take a peek at every logo and uniform so you can make a more informed decision. That said, Madden doesn’t allow you to look at every uniform or logo.

What Happens to Your Team Stats/Records?

This may be obvious to some while it’s dubious to others. Nothing will happen to your team’s progress or history.

When the Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee they kept their history. The same goes for most teams who have moved away, such as the Rams.

However, there is one team that sued and kept its history… The Browns. Cleveland is a proud state for its football. Technically, the Browns did win a Super Bowl before they became the Ravens. How unfortunate for Browns fans.

So do not expect to relocate and then get sued any time soon in Madden. When A.I. gets to a true-level A.I., then expect that.

Madden 23 Relocation Teams – ALL Uniforms, Logos, & Locations

The following will consist of all of the information you need to choose exactly where you want to go, what logo you want to pick, and what uniform most suits you.

I am not sure if picking a location, uniform, or logo that the fans like most will have any effect on home-field advantage. If you know the answer to this then leave it down in the comments below, We would love to hear about it.

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London, England

“London is a huge market that would love an NFL team. Choose from the Bulldogs, Monarchs, and Black Knights.”

London Black Knights

“The Black Knight is a famous character in historical literature, especially with respect to King Arthur.”

London Bulldogs

“If you’re going to go international, you might as well embody the British spirit and Winston Churchill.”

London Monarchs

“England’s most famous asset is their royalty.”

Mexico City, Mexico

“Mexico City is a prime destination. Choose from the Diablos and Golden Eagles.”

Mexico City Diablos

“The fans loved this choice.”

Mexico City Golden Eagles

“The golden eagle is the official bird of Mexico and represents Mexico City well.”

Toronto, Canada

“Toronto features loyal fans and a large-sized market. Choose from the Huskies, Mounties, and Thunderbirds.”

Toronto Huskies

“Fans overwhelmingly picked the Huskies as their least favorite mascot choice.”

Toronto Mounties

“The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are as Canadian as Maple Leafs. Fans liked this mascot.”

Toronto Thunderbirds

“Thunderbirds move in packs. They move as a unit. Always going the distance in order to get the win.”

San Antonio, Texas

“San Antonio is an average-sized market with loyal fans. Choose from the Dreadnoughts and Express.”

San Antonio Dreadnoughts

“San Antonio has a great military history.”

San Antonio Express

“Embrace San Antonio’s connection to the wild west by choosing this mascot.”

Orlando, Florida

“Orlando will be a tough market to succeed in. Choices include Orbits, Sentinels, and Wizards.”

Orlando Orbits

“Orlando is minutes away from the Space Coast.”

Orlando Sentinels

“The Sentinels were fairly popular with fans.”

Orlando Wizards

“Wizards are pretty popular in a tourist trap like Orlando.”

Salt Lake City, Utah

“Salt Lake has loyal fans but is a pretty small market. Choose from the Elks, Flyers, and Pioneers.”

Salt Lake City Elks

“Elks are common in Utah and personify the natural beauty of the area.”

Salt Lake City Flyers

“The Flyers got a good amount of votes from the Salt Lake City fans.”

Salt Lake City Pioneers

“Salt Lake’s vibrant history is filled with stories of poioneer heroes.”

Brooklyn, New York

“Brooklyn features a huge market and very passionate fans. Choose from the Beats, Bulls, and Barons.”

Brooklyn Barons

“Rule the NFL from your kingdom in Brooklyn.”

Brooklyn Beats

“Music Has always been the soul of Brooklyn. Represent the heart of Brooklyn by choosing this mascot.”

Brooklyn Bulls

“Take the bull by the horns and pick this mascot.”

Memphis, Tennessee

“You might get the blues if you move here. Choose from the Hounds, Egyptians, and Steamers.”

Memphis Egyptians

“Memphis was the name of an ancient capital in Egypt.”

Memphis Hounds

“Memphis was a finalist for a franchise in 1993 and their mascot was going to be a hound.”

Memphis Steamers

“Riverboats were an intregal part of Memphis’ past. Celebrate them by choosing this mascot.”

Chicago, Illinois

“Chicago is the perfect city for a 2nd NFL team. Choose from the Tigers, Blues, and Cougars.”

Chicago Blues

“The blues have always been associated with the city of Chicago.”

Chicago Cougars

“Choose Cougars and the fans will not be pleased.”

Chicago Tigers

“The Chicago Tigers played in the first professional football league. Ready to bring them back?”

Sacremento, California

“Sacramento is an average-sized market. Choose from the Condors, Miners, and Redwoods.”

Sacramento Condors

“The Condor is a vulture and one of California’s most treasured birds.”

Sacramento Miners

“Miners helped shape the entire Sacramento region.”

Sacramento Redwoods

“Redwoods are some of the most impressive living things on earth.”

Columbus, Ohio

“Columbus is a decent market with fairly rabid fans. Choose from the Aviators, Caps, and Explorers.”

Columbus Aviators

“Ohio and Columbus have had a love affair with aviation since the Wright Brothers and Lonnie Carmon.”

Columbus Caps

“Columbus is the largest city and capital of Ohio. Represent Ohio.”

Columbus Explorers

“Blaze a trail and pick this name!”

Portland, Oregon

“Portland’s passionate fans support the team even with a small market. Choose from the River Hogs, Snowhawks, and Lumberjacks.”

Did you notice the mistake Madden made above? Let me know if you spotted it in the comments below.

Portland Lumberjacks

“Portland loves timber and Lumberjacks do too. Get back to nature and choose this mascot.”

Portland River Hogs

“The fans are hoping you’ll choose this name. Great mascot, uniforms, and location.”

Portland Snowhawks

“This wasn’t a very popular choice but it wouldn’t be a terrible mascot choice.”

Austin, Texas

“Austin is the perfect place to relocate. Your team choices are Bats, Armadillos, and Desperados.”

Austin Armadillos

“Armadillos are common in Central Texas and hold a special place in the heart of most Texans.”

Austin Bats

“Bats are found all over Austin and are one of the city’s most popular attractions.”

Austin Desperados

“Some of the most famous outlaws in the west could be found in the Austin area. Stay true to Austin’s wild west roots.”

Dublin, Ireland

“Dublin is a great spot. Choose from the Celtic Tigers, Antlers, and Shamrocks.”

Dublin Antlers

“Weird name but Ireland is a wild country.”

Dublin Celtic Tigers

“Celtic Tigers refers to the resurgence of Ireland and to their Celtic heritage.”

Dublin Shamrocks

“The shamrock is the Irish symbol of good luck.”

Houston, Texas

“Moving a 2nd team to Houston is a bold move. Choose from the Oilers, Gunners, and Voyagers.”

Houston Gunners

“Pick the Gunners and all your dreams will come true.”

Houston Oilers

“Are you really going to pick something other than the Oilers? Love ya blue!”

Houston Voyagers

“Houston and NASA have played a huge part in the space race.”

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“OKC has loyal fans but is a small market. Choose from the Lancers, Nighthawks, and Bisons.”

Yet another mistake of the same kind in the Portland description. Did you spot the same thing as well?

Oklahoma City Bisons

“Bison roamed the plains near Oklahoma City for thousands of years.”

Oklahoma City Lancers

“Be bold. Choose the Lancers as your mascot.”

Oklahoma City Night Hawks

“The Night Hawks have a great logo and were a popular choice online.”

There was another mistake in the name of this team. Did you spot it? It includes the quote from the city description. Examine that then come back to this and let us know in the comments if you caught it too.

St. Louis, Missouri (No Re-branding)

“Choosing this city keeps existing branding, including uniforms, logo, and nickname. There are no re-brand options in this location.”

San Diego, California

“San Diego can’t wait to get back to cheering on their team on Sundays. Choose from the Crusaders, Red Dragons, and Aftershocks.”

San Diego Aftershocks

“Everybody’s familiar with earthquakes in CA.”

San Diego Crusaders

“Go on a Crusade in an effort to bring a team back to San Diego.”

San Diego Red Dragons

“Swoop out of the sky and delight the fans with this mascot choice!”

Oakland, California

“Choosing this city keeps existing branding, including uniforms, logo, and nickname. There are no re-brand options in this location.”

That’s it for Madden 23 relocation teams. We hope this has helped you in your journey to relocate your franchise in Madden 23.

If you have any questions let us know in the comments below and we will get back to you.

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