Madden Plans to Make Franchise Mode Better for Madden 21?

July 2, 2020
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It will be great if Madden sticks to their tweet that starred the Executive Producer of Madden Seann Graddy. Graddy stated in the short clip that they “heard us loud and clear” with our complaints on how boring Franchise mode is. Every other community worries only about the gameplay and possibly a glitch that needs to be fixed. While the Franchise community gets the same boring mode for the last 1000 years and the damn thing actually went back in time.

Franchise mode is the “Lost Mode” because it only pulls in earnings of copies sold instead of microtransactions. Nowadays gaming companies make most of their money in microtransactions which is when they have in-game purchases. It’s the name of the business. They always want to sell you a card pack or a fancy new character. In Maddens case MUT is their biggest driver in revenue so Madden left franchise mode in the dark for many years.

They either have never been on a Madden channel on YouTube, their twitter account must have been broken, or they just now decided to listen. I will still give them credit though for at least going this far. I can’t imagine how much disgust they get in feedback, hell we heard it in our own Madden community.

No one wants to pay $60 plus dollars each year for a Roster update which is what franchise mode gets essentially. Everything is really boring and basic. They just don’t put in a lot of resources into Franchise mode. This could make some wonder why Madden hasn’t at least tried to implement microtransactions in Franchise mode. If they ever did go that route hopefully the micros are worth it and it isn’t just a cash grab.

Madden went as far as making an entirely new mode called QB1 before giving Franchise mode a true update for years. The Franchise community is their most loyal fan base and they get crapped on each season. And this community just loves the game of football, signing, drafting, trading, you name it.

They have sim leagues, realistic rebuild leagues, and all-out leagues. We are an inventive community that will try to make the game fun even without the developer’s help. We did our best to make it more fun for the Madden Franchise community but we even grow bored with the game.

Our company has to play this game more often than most people and I get so bored that I could set my pants on fire. There is never anything new for the love of Christmas and the damn draft could make an elephant fall asleep. Dear lord Madden…

Maybe they tweeted this because they can feel the competition swirling in the air after the NFL agreed to a contract with 2K to make an NFL arcade-style game. Once that door is opened even a little bit you can expect there to be a draft that will push it open further. Competition is good for any and every company. The thing about monopolies is that they do not have to try anymore and can charge what they want for a less than productive service.

We hope they fix Franchise mode and do it because they love their game as much as we do!


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