Maneater Beginner Tips | Maneater Complete Guide 2021

July 7, 2021
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Maneater Beginner Tips | Maneater Complete Guide 2021

July 7, 2021
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In this Maneater beginner tips article, we will be going over everything we wish we knew. When you first start out in Maneater there are a lot of things that you should know in order to make the game more enjoyable as well as dominating the areas you swim in. In this Maneater beginner guide, we will show you how to grow into a beast and turn any predator out there into prey.

Bigger Prey Does Not Mean Better:

Maneater Beginner Tips

When you first start out you are no bigger than 1.1m. Which is obviously very small and weak for sea life let alone swamp life with gators. Gators are a pain in the ass if you do not know what you are doing.
Once you get bigger and learn how to fight life can be a lot more enjoyable for you.

In the meantime, your thoughts need to be about growing. Bigger prey is not always the best idea. It takes a lot to kill a gator when you are small and there is a chance you can die and get nothing from it at all. A gator only gives you -fill in when you know-. Which is far less than what eating a bunch of easy little fish will give you and far less dangerous. We know it is not what you wanted to hear but don’t worry, you will be big in no time and be able to eat gators without any problem when you are an Adult or a Mega.

How to Swim Faster in Maneater:

Maneater Beginner Guide

Swimming really fast is a key to success in this game. It helps you get to missions/landmarks much quicker and it also helps you survive against bounties and predators of the sea. There are two different ways to be much faster than what is possible with standard swimming.

The first and easiest way is to become much fast is to be at the surface and press your evade button while holding down your spring button and moving forward. Your shark will do spins in the air while you are moving forward and move much quicker than average.

The other way is probably only likely for PC players but you might as well try it if you are on console.

Level 6 Grouper Den:

Maneater Complete Beginner's guide

You will eventually come to this location and when you do you need to take advantage of it. There are a lot of higher-level groupers in that can that go up to level 6. There might also be a gator or two but you have plenty of groupers to feed off while you fight them. Finish them all off and move onto the next

How to Upgrade Your Shark:

The only way to upgrade your shark is by heading to any cave that you have unlocked across the map. These caves are called “THE GROTTO”. Once inside The Grotto, click on your shark’s evolution tab, which you can find furthest to the right of your Map. From there, you can upgrade your shark and even upgrade your upgrades.

It would be wise to first find The Grotto when you get into a new location without the missions available in that section. This will allow you to fast travel back and forth between Grottos. NOTE: You will not be able to fast travel if you are in combat. Either take out the enemy or run away until the enemy has forgotten about you. Here are all the Landmarks and locations of every single Grotto.

Material Breakdown:

Whatever you eat and whatever Nutrient Cache you find will provide you with Materials. These Materials are used for upgrading and leveling up your shark. There are 4 different Materials in Maneater:

  1. Proteins are in red, which are the furthest to the left on the top of your screen.
  2. Then you have Fats which are in yellow.
  3. Next are Minerals, which are in blue.
  4. Then, finally, the Green stuff to the furthest right is called Mutagen.

Find All the LandMarks for Easy Rewards:

Finding as many landmarks as possible as early as possible will help set you up for success for the rest of the game. Landmarks give you rewards and help you evolve into a beast so it is wise to find as many landmarks as possible before you start completing all the main missions. This will make you stronger which makes the main missions much easier. Here are all the Landmarks in Maneater.

How to Fight Gators:

First off, it is wise to not pick fights with gators until you are bigger. Gators are dangerous when you are small and when you are starting out you will likely not be skilled enough to kill them. No point to fight a gator if you are not going to win the fight. If you become skilled in fighting you can kill gators right away but it will still be challenging to a degree.

There are different kinds of gators, the easy ones (Level 8 Gators) and the hard ones which are the level 15 gators. Gators have two types of attacks that you need to know about. The one we will call the first attack is a lunge towards you going really fast. They typically let out a sort of scream roar before making the attack. This attack can be evaded by clicking the evade button right before the gator gets too close.

The 2nd form of attack is a defensive attack where the gator spins in a circle whipping his tail around. This attack is the most deadly because it is the hardest to evade. Due to the fact that you have to get close to hurt the gator so when they use this move you are at a disadvantage. This attack can still be evaded but it is harder to evade than the other attack.

Another way you should fight gators is to bite then tail whip them then hit the evade button to avoid attacks. If you continue this type of attack while avoiding the gator’s attacks then the gator will not stand a chance.

Use Sonar Regularly As You Are Swimming:

Using your sonar as often as you can will make finding landmarks a breeze. Always know what is in the area next to you. This includes other predators. Trying to find landmarks without using your sonar will make things much more difficult for you. Another way that you can find landmarks is by listening for the landmark sound but that still is not as successful as using your sonar. ‘

Sonar is also smart to use to see what kind of fish are next to you and what kind of predators. Last thing you want to happen

Upgrade Your Sonar Early On:

It only cost 2000 Genes to upgrade your sonar so you should do this very early on in the game. The 2nd tier upgrade gives you a +100 Sonar Radius and a -20% Sonar Cooldown. This is small potatoes compared to the later tiers but none the less it will really help in finding locations to earn easy rewards. Stay on top of your upgrades and upgrade sooner rather than later.

How to Thrash:

Thrashing is not chomping, so when you see it say “Thrash” and the prey is in your mouth all you need to do is move your head back and forth while also holding onto the attack button. If you are on PC it is just holding onto your attack button (the right-click) then moving your mouse from left to right. On a controller, it would be holding onto your right trigger then moving your right analog stick from left to right.

Take Shortcuts:

If you can jump onto land and cut your distance in half well then it is probably a smart strategy. It is possible to even get to another map location by crossing over the beach instead of waiting until you are big enough. Before you spend 10 minutes swimming make sure you look to see if there are shortcuts. Unless you just love wasting time.

How to Find The Exit or Entrance of a Cave:

When you enter a cave, depending on the size, you can get lost. This is especially so if the cave has other entryways to another cave.

If you ever get lost, you can always count on the colors of the reefs. Everything in the cave that is NOT an exit or entrance is blue. Everything that IS an entrance or exit is orange/yellow. Knowing this will save you a bunch of time from searching end to end for another entrance or the exit. While you are in the cave, use your Advanced Sonar to find the goodies.

If You’re Not Using Advanced Sonar, Use Your Ears:

Advanced Sonar is probably one of the greatest perks to have. However, if you decide not to go with the sonar perk then finding the Nutrient Cache, Signs, etc. is going to be a lot tougher. Swim underwater and listen to sonar sounds. This means that you are close to one of the goodies. You know to search that area until you find it.

You also need to keep in mind that the goods might be in a cave so look for an entrance if all else fails.

We hope this guide has helped you! If you have any questions just let us know in the comments below and we will get back to you. Meanwhile, check out our other Maneater guides and tips below:


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