Maneater Bounty Hunter Guide | PRO Tips

July 9, 2021
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Maneater Bounty Hunter Guide | PRO Tips

July 9, 2021
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Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

In this Maneater Bounty Hunter Guide, we will first start with the basics then work our way up to the more advanced content. After you complete this Maneater Bounty Hunter Guide you will be much more advanced than you previously were.

NOTE: You will max out at level 10 Threat Level.

Stay on the Surface:

maneater bounty hunter guide

This may sound weird but being below the surface is the most dangerous place that you can be. Under the surface, you are slower and more vulnerable. The bounties can and will shoot you unless you are deep enough and that will only be in The Gulf. When you are at the surface you can press the evade button while holding the spring button and escape danger much quicker. Spamming the evade button while at the surface is the fastest your shark will ever be. So make sure that you give yourself the advantage by staying at the surface.

Run Away When Your Health is Low:

Like we have mentioned in our beginner guide, there is no point and taking an L when you can simply use our Speed Boost method of pressing the evade button while at the surface while also holding your sprint button down as well. If your health is getting too low it will be smart to swim away fast and feed on fish. Then once you are healed up head back and kill them all.

Humans are a Useless Food Source:

Like we mentioned previously, it is smart to run away and heal up on fish if you are in danger. The reason for this is because humans do not heal you nearly as fast and as much as even the smallest level fish do. Do not depend on humans to heal you when you are in a time of need.

The One Time you are Vulnerable:

Evading attacks will be the biggest part of your survival and domination of the bounty hunters. However, there is one time where you can not evade an attack no matter how many times you hit the evade button. That is when you are swallowing food. This is your biggest weakness so only swallow prey when it is smart. At times there will be so many humans in the water that you will accidentally swallow one that has low health and you will become vulnerable in the process.

Attack the Boats not Humans:

In the early waves of the bounty hunters, they come on Jetskis and small boats. During these early stages, it is better to attack the humans instead of the boats. You can jump on the boat, bite a human, then use your tail whip to hit the hunter into other hunters knocking them all off of the boat.

Once you get to higher level bounties it will be much easier to attack the boats instead of the humans. Even if the humans are still alive in the water but their boat is destroyed it will count as them being defeated. Allowing you to move on to the next bounty much quicker. If you spend all your time attacking the humans instead of the boats it will take much longer to get through the bounty hunters.

To sink boats quickly you will want to hold on to your speed boost button along with the evade button and the bit button. You can use your tail attack as well while doing the other moves. This will keep up the most amount of damage possible at the fastest rate possible.

Use Your Tail as a Gun:

Your tail is one of your biggest weapons and it only becomes more imperative as the bounty hunters get harder. This also pertains to more formidable enemies like an Orca or Sperm Whale. Eventually, your evolution upgrades will grant you abilities to not only increase damage from a physical tail whip but can actually shoot projectiles out of your tail causing a good amount of damage to your enemy.

One of the greatest things about the tail whip is the fact you can shoot torpedos or explosive devices thrown at you by bounty hunters back at their boat. When doing this, holding down that tail whip button will increase your accuracy by slowing everything down. Not only will it give you more accuracy, but it will also prevent you from suffering any damage from other hunters.

If you have the shadow tail it will shoot out a ball of poison and will inflict 50 damage on whatever it hits. For the Bio-Electric tail, it will launch a wave of electricity inflicting 20 damage and stunning any enemy in its path. The damage the projectiles cause will not increase if you obtain the entire set. It will increase, however, every time you upgrade your tail.

You can also tail whip an enemy while you have it in your mouth. You can even slow down time by holding down the tail whip binding. This will allow you to perform an action without suffering the consequences of being shot by humans or bitten by other animals.

How to Increase Your Threat Level the Quickest Way:

First things first, the reason you want to increase your threat level to get to a bounty hunter is to obtain evolution perks. When you start out, you will not have the evolution upgrades to destroy boats quickly. Instead, you will need to attack the hunters on the boat as we touched on above.

You can increase your threat level the fastest by destroying the boats completely disregarding the hunters. If you end up with one in your mouth just spit it out or tail whip it at a boat. The easiest way to destroy the boats is by hitting your evade button on the surface directly at the hunter’s boats. You will do the most damage with the Bone upgrades.

We hope this guide has helped you! If you have any questions then leave them in the comments below and we will get back to you. Meanwhile, check out our other Maneater guides:


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