Maneater: The Best Shark Build

July 20, 2021
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Maneater: The Best Shark Build

July 20, 2021
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In this Maneater best shark build article, we will cover the best combination of shark evolution upgrades you can get. This build is the best combination for speed, damage, and defense… Not to mention, this is the best build for Pete; it is a must-have when going against Pete. It is also the best build for infamy. Furthermore, it is great for destroying boats and predatory animals, such as the orca, sperm whale, etc. You will be blazing fast and you’ll be able to keep up your speed instead of slowing down after a certain period.

This is great for being versatile and escaping certain situations if you need to. The speed combined with the strength will give you an edge and make you a harder target since you can attack then evade before the hunters or other predatory animals can get a shot on you. If you do manage to get attacked, your defenses will play a huge role in decreasing the inflicted damage.

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The Best Maneater Shark Evolution Upgrades:

maneater the best shark build

The following are the best Maneater shark evolution upgrades for each body part and organ. You will get the best combination of speed, damage, and defense which are the three most important traits for Maneater. Otherwise, you will have to do one or the other.

The Best Shark Body Upgrades:

maneater best build for pete

Jaw: Bone Teeth

  • +25% Thrash Damage
  • +60% Boat Bite Damage Bonus
maneater best build for infamy

Head: Bone Head

  • +40% Ramming Damage
  • +50 Boat Crew Knockback Resistance
  • +40% Boat Crew Damage Resistance
  • +50% Ram Force Bonus
  • +15% Damage Resistance
best shark evolution maneater

Body: Bone Body

    • +7 Damage Reduction
    • +25% Damage Resistance
    • +100% Ramming Damage
    • Inflict 60 damage on anything within 2m.
      • +25% Lunge Speed
      • +25% Max Speed
      • +25% Acceleration Bonus
      • +50% Ram Force Bonus
      • +50% Cre Ejection Chance on Ram
      • +25% Swim Speed

Fins: Bone Fins

    • +15% Damage Resistance
    • +15% Ramming Damage
    • Inflict 50 damage on anything within 2m
      • +20% Damage Resistance

Tail: Shadow Tail

    • +20% Max Speed
    • +20% Swim Speed
    • You release a poison projectile that inflicts 50 damage on whatever it hits with a 30m range. When it hits, it releases a poison cloud that puts 5 poison counters on all creatures within 10m. Creatures suffer -1% speed, damage resistance, and damage output plus .2 damage per second for each counter, up to 30 counters. A counter is removed every 3 seconds.

The Best Shark Organ Upgrade:

Organ: Brutal Muscles

  • +30% Max Speed
  • +30 Tailwhip Damage
  • +30% Acceleration Bonus
  • +30% Tailwhip Force
  • +30% Swim Speed

You can choose whatever you want for the other two organ upgrades as it will not affect this Maneater shark build.

If you acquire everything we have listed you will be better in every way. Use the tailwhip projectile in combination with the ramming or evade and you will maximize the amount of damage done. If you can get a predatory fish, such as a hammerhead, in your jaw’s grasp then the thrashing damage will be the best out of any other set.

We hope this guide has helped you and if you have any questions or comments go ahead and leave them in the comments below. Meanwhile, check out all of our other Maneater Guides:


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